Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Go Pack Go

Last week we had the blizzard and this week we have frigid temperatures....BRRRRR!! Helen turned eleven on Sunday, she was very happy when the Packers won the Super Bowl on her birthday! One of her teachers must be a die hard Packer fan, he taught her to say, "GO PACKERS!!" Robbie kept trying to get her to say, "Go Pack Go", but she stuck to her guns. Robbie and I watched the game, I enjoyed the commercials, he enjoyed the game. It was so cute watching him get so excited, he was such a guy.

Katie finished her basketball season with only one loss! The team they lost to, they beat last week. In Katie's eyes, they didn't loose any games, they cancelled each other out. If only it worked that way!

I am looking forward to this week-end, it's the first in a very long time that we have nothing planned, well, except for church. It's going to be nice to sleep in and just hang out. Of course I'll be doing laundry and some housework, that's a given. The kids will be able to stay in their jammies, they love doing that. Last Sunday was Scout Sunday at church. Ted was an altar server and Robbie took up gifts, they enjoy participating. This was the first year I took all the kids, they usually stay home with Sherry. We sat in the main part of church with the other scout families. I wasn't sure if we would make it through the whole mass, Helen sometimes gets the giggles. She did giggle a few times, but it didn't get out of control. We tried one other time to sit in the main part instead of the cry room, it wasn't successful. Helen was making gas sounds, some were for real, some she made with her mouth. She was laughing so much that I had to take her into the cry room while the other kids stayed put. Robbie's big buddy from school went and sat with them to keep an eye on them. Robbie met his big buddy when he was in kindergarten. The school pairs up seventh graders with kindergartners so they have a buddy to hang out with at some of the school functions. Robbie was very lucky, his big buddy was awesome, and still is! Robbie started kindergarten right after Peter passed away, so his buddy sort of filled in for Peter. They have a special friendship. Noah has a girl as his big buddy this year, he seems to enjoy it. I wanted him to have a boy, since it was such a great experience for Robbie. I spoke with the teacher and found out they needed the boys in seventh grade to double team with some of the more misbehaved kindergartners. It's all good!!!

Until next time-
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Adelaide Dupont said...

What an amazing season for Katie and for Helen!

And I loved reading about the big buddies and their role in the church.

Oh, the gas sounds. They are a double edged sword. Boy or girl, they seem to be very popular: when controlled!

Sue said...

Thanks Adelaide! It certainly doesn't help that the kids laugh when Helen makes the either case!!