Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Where's Spring?

Helen's teacher talked me into going to another concert at her school. It was with a retired music teacher that came in to help with a special project. When you walk into Helen's school, there is a long wall that has been empty. The school decided to have a mural painted on that wall. The art teacher's retired dad (who is an artist) volunteered his time and got the job done. The program was an unveiling of the artwork and also the premier of the new school song. It was like night and day, this program was so well organized. They must have gotten seats from another school, because there were plenty to go around. Helen was standing next to her classmates, they were all joking around before the concert started. She had a great time singing, and especially liked singing the new school song. After Helen's group was done singing, there was a brief intermission and then the unveiling of the wall. Helen got popcorn and the girls got Popsicles. Ted was home watching Robbie who was sick with strep throat, and Noah wanted to stay with them. I was with my girls, we had a nice time. The mural turned out very nice, the artist did a nice job. After the unveiling the next group was going sing, Helen yelled, "Let's go!" I guess she had enough! I felt bad for leaving since that was one of the things I complained about at Helen's other concert. I guess the difference was, we were standing in the hallway by the front doors, we were not in the gym with everyone else. I did send an email to the Principal and the Assistant Principal praising the evening. They both saw how much fun Helen had. I'm glad her teacher talked me into going, there was a feeling of community that night.

Holy week is upon us, and I have one home with a cold and another with pink eye. I'm hoping we are all healthy for the holiday. Last night while Helen was in the shower, she told me her eye hurt. I thought maybe she had gotten soap in her eye, it did look red. While drying her off, I noticed her eye had discharge, and she kept closing them tight. While putting her jammies on she kept grabbing at her eyes. I called the prompt care to see what time they closed, it was 7:40pm, they closed at 8:00pm. I decided to take the chance of getting there on time. I thought if she had all night to rub at her eyes, they would be worse in the morning. We got there with two minutes to spare, I don't think the staff was to pleased with us walking in at that time. The doctor prescribed eye drops for her, we were out of there in twenty minutes. We ran to the drug store to get her medicine and were home by 9:00pm. I put the eye drops in and she went to bed. When she woke up this morning, her eyes already looked better, so my decision to go out in the terrible weather was definitely worth it.

I'm not sure if you all know this, but all the people, except myself, that are working for It'll Fit'll, work a full-time job. They are working on the clothing line in their spare time, that's another reason why we are not moving as quickly as some of you may like. Thanks for being patient, the wait will be worth it. The pattern maker is in the process of making a new pattern and has brought on board a pattern maker who has experience in children's clothing. I think this will be a huge benefit to us. I will keep you posted.

To those of you who celebrate....Happy Easter....Christos Anesti!!!

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