Thursday, December 27, 2007

After Christmas

I have lost track of what day it is! When I woke up and thought about it, I realized I had forgotten to post yesterday. There is soooo much energy in this house, I am always on the move! Somebody needs help figuring out a new game, or the girls want me to help with their new Barbies, I'm being torn in all directions. Christmas morning flew by for me, I couldn't believe it. Then I realized, it was Peter who would open the toys for the kids while I started getting ready for company. Last year it was my mom who took over Peter's job (she stayed with me on Christmas Eve). This year it was just me. I didn't feel lonely, I felt their presence all around me, so I was okay.

The kids had a blast opening gifts. Noah is the only one who can't read his name so I told the other kids to find his presents. Every time one of them would hand him a present he would say, "YEAH!!" Ted was thrilled to get PlayStation2, he and Robbie have been playing it a lot! Helen got a Dora computer game, she loves to play on NickJr. and Playhouse Disney. She can maneuver around those sites like a pro! When she gets off the bus from school she comes running up the driveway saying, "Mommy, computer!!?!", everyday it's the same answer, "No Helen, we have to pick up the kids from school, you can play when we get back." As soon as we get back from picking them up she flies out of the car, runs to the computer, and starts playing...with her coat, hat, boots, and one glove on!(She takes the glove off the hand she uses for the mouse)

I'm going to make this short, the whole time I have been typing I have had at least one of them asking for something. Now I have Helen asking to play Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the computer, so I guess that means my time is up!

I wish everyone happiness and good health for 2008!! I can't believe it's here already, I am glad to say good-bye to 2007, not a very good year for this family. Please be safe on New Year's Eve. We are staying home, in fact I have date, with Ted. He is going to stay up with me this year and bring in the new year! Everyone have a good one!

Until next year-
Take Care,

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