Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Santa Is Down...

On Saturday we had a wicked storm pass through, it started with snow, then sleet, and finally, rain. The wind was so strong, it seemed as though it was coming from every direction. Remember I said I was going to get our inflatable Santa up a couple of weeks ago? He stands 12 feet tall!! He was rockin an a rollin out there!! Last year we had the same type of storm blow through so I deflated Santa so as not to harm him. The next day when I went to inflate him, he had a lot of ice on him and was having a hard time standing straight. I pulled on him trying to get him upright and tore him at the base. I ended up bringing him inside so he could thaw and then I sewed him up. I didn't want to make the same mistake this time around so I kept him inflated during the storm. The kids had been keeping an eye on him at first but soon became bored with him. I was in the kitchen cooking dinner when I asked Ted to take a look at him and see how he was doing. The response I got was, "Santa is down! I repeat, Santa is down!!" I haven't laughed that hard in such a long time, it felt good. After I composed myself, I bundled up and went to see what I could do for the big guy. He was almost completely lying down, it was the wind that was keeping him there. I decided to deflate him, I was afraid the wind would put a bigger rip in him, beyond repair. After thinking about it constantly, I decided to inflate him again and keep a close eye on him. I was afraid the snow would bury him and the ice would attach him to the ground. I am happy to report that he survived the storm! I did have to tighten the tethers the next day, but that was nothing compared to last year.

Grace had a nice party, I'm disappointed neither one of her Godparents made it to the party, but, what are you gonna do? I lowered my expectations of my friends awhile ago and wasn't all that surprised by the no-shows! The people that did show up had a good time and gave her(and also the rest of my kids) all the love she deserved. She reminds me every day that she's four now. "Mommy, can I play that game, you know I'm a big girl now, I'm four!" She wanted to play Ted's SpongeBob Monopoly game, she still was told no. She wanted to play with the game pieces, Ted would have been upset if I let her and she lost one. She is star of the week at school, she thought that meant she was the leader all week. She got a rude awakening this morning when she learned one of her friends was the leader today. I think she handled it like a big girl, you know she's four now!

I received Helen's updated IEP in the mail today, I guess that means they will be giving her teacher a full-time assistant. It's a pain in the @$$ what we parents have to go through in order for our kids to get the assistance they need. Her sinus infection is clearing up, slowly, but surely. I think she will need another round of antibiotics, she usually does. She is easing up on saying her favorite word these days...butt. We are ignoring her when she says it, something I tried to do in the first place but it didn't seem to work. For some reason it seems to be doing the trick.

Update on Ted, he did a fantastic job with getting his teeth pulled. He received one round of Tylenol for the pain, and then he was fine. I took their picture for our Christmas card the other night, he has a huge smile!!! I already see a difference. Can you imagine how he will be once he gets the braces on and his front teeth are pulled into place? I can't wait!!!!!:o)

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