Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Uneasy Feelings

Have you ever had a bad feeling in your stomach like something bad was going to happen? I get them every now and then, it's such an uneasy feeling. I remember one time it was one heck of an uneasy feeling that I asked, no pleaded, with Peter to stay home from work. I bugged him so much about it, he finally gave in. He stayed and worked from home that day, even though he got teased from his co-workers. Well, believe it or not, that day there was a very bad car accident that happened at the same exit he would have taken to get to work. Would he have been involved if I had not begged him to stay, we will never know. I do know that the accident happened around the same time he would have been going into work. Ever since that day I have trusted this feeling I get. I bet you're wondering if I had it when Peter was diagnosed with his brain tumor...I did, and it stayed with me until the very end. I've had a pit in my stomach since last week and now I know why. I have been getting estimates for a new roof, they are double what I had expected. The woman who owned this house before me was good at taking care of it, I could tell she had put a lot of money into maintaining it. I never expected the roof to need new wood in places, I just thought it needed new shingles. Ugh...the headaches of being a homeowner! I am just sick to my stomach at the thought of all that money, my nest egg, my comfort. What can you do? It needs to be taken care of before the roof starts to leak and I have damage on the inside. The lowest estimate so far is from a guy who went into business with his buddy. His 20 yr. old daughter was born with water on her brain, and because of that he gives discounts to households with disabilities. I still can't figure out how he knew I had a special needs child, he said I told him but I know I didn't. I think he just assumed because when I was setting up the appointment he wanted to come during a time that Katie had a doctors appointment at Children's Hospital. Before anyone writes me a comment on this I want to make it clear that I have never, nor ever will, use Helen as a way to get sympathy, discounts, or booted to the front of the line at an amusement park. I only mention the last part because we live close to Six Flags Great America, and someone once told me if we ever went we could go through the exit and ride right away because we had a special needs child. I look at Helen the same way I look at all of my kids, she gets treated the same as the rest, they are all special to me.

Last week I mentioned the boys were having the Rain Gutter Regatta at Cub Scouts, well, we didn't do so good! I didn't tape the sail to the mast so the boats kept bumping into the sides of the gutter. The boys were getting really frustrated when they raced against a boat that sailed in a straight line. Ted's boat turned the water green because he didn't paint his whole boat with acrylic paint like you're supposed to. The first coat is with water colors, and then you are supposed to do two coats of the acrylic. I thought he understood when I explained it to him, I wasn't sitting right next to him while he painted. I'm in the middle of potty training Noah, so I was in the bathroom with him. Like I told Ted and Robbie, you live and you learn, now we know for next year. It was all in fun anyway!

All the kids are doing good, they are looking forward to school letting out and summer starting. They have already informed me they want to go to Bible camp again this year. Last year they went to the Catholic and the Greek, it was a good experience for them. Helen will be going to summer school again, she really enjoys it. I'm looking forward to lazy days, no schedules! After about two weeks I bet I'll be ready for school to start!!:o)

Until next time-
Take Care,

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