Thursday, April 24, 2008


We have been enjoying the pleasant weather we have had recently, the only bad thing is, Grace and Katie have a cough, and Helen has a cold. The problem with weather like this is, one day it's very warm and the next it's cold and rainy. Helen is more susceptible to upper respiratory ailments than the other kids, so when she gets a cold it usually turns into a sinus infection. This one is wicked, I have been giving her an antihistamine to help dry her up a bit, it has definitely helped. She is very irritable because she is so uncomfortable with her nose, she keeps pointing to it and making her complaining noise. I don't know if your kids make that noise, but it drives me crazy. I am always telling her to use her words and that just makes her even more irritated, which makes her even louder with her noise. When she's not sick she usually gives in and uses words, but when she's not feeling well, it turns into a guessing game for me. This time around she has let me clean her nose out, and put lotion on it and her cheek. Her cheek gets so red and irritated from her wiping her nose onto it instead of using a tissue. I used to do the exact same thing when I was young, I have a picture to prove it.

I have scheduled every one's back to school check ups, it's a good feeling knowing we are good to go with medical and dental appointments. It's hard to believe it is even time for that, the kid's doctor books up so quickly I have to make the appointments now in order to have some choice as to when we go. I have been working with Noah and the potty, hoping he will be ready for school in September. With the way things are going, we may be cutting it close! I must admit, I am not giving it the time I did with the others. I get so tired of arguing with him to take time out from playing to try and go on the potty. Last night before he went in the bathtub he told me he had to go potty. He took off his pull-up, got on the toilet, and went pee-pee all by himself. He was so proud, I made a huge deal of it, you would have thought he hung the moon! I sang him my song I made up just for this occasion, he sang along. I'm hoping with more successes like this one he will be ready for big boy underwear sooner than I think.

Religion class is almost over for Helen, she only has one more class. Her teacher told me last night she has definitely seen Helen mature a little this year. That was good to hear, I think she has too. I thought she might be able to make her first communion with Robbie, but I think it will be with Katie. Robbie will be making his next year, Katie will be the following year. I think the extra year will help her better understand what it's all about.

Katie is doing awesome at school, she is talking to all of her friends, out loud!!! Not only that, but she is also raising her hand to answer questions, and reading in front of the class. She has come a long way, I just hope she keeps it up. I am going to sign them up for Bible camp again this year, and also have play dates, hopefully that will help. Her teacher took her on a shopping spree to get Barbie's and ice cream. She made a deal with Katie at the beginning of the year, if she talked to her in class she would take her. Given her fantastic progress, they went on Monday after school. She came home with Barbie the baby doctor, a mom barbie and a dad barbie (that's how Katie refers to them), and a barbie coloring book. Holy Cow! Katie was still smiling when she feel asleep that night, what a wonderful teacher she has.

No Greek school for the next two weeks because it is Holy Week this week and Bright Week next week. Sunday is Orthodox Easter, so to all of you Greek Orthodox celebrating, I say to you...
Christos Anesti!!!

Until next time-
Take Care,

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