Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Congratulations Helen and Katie

Helen and her regular education teacher Mrs. Lehrer

Helen and her special education teacher Mrs. Coughlin(in red)

and her assistant Mrs. Culshaw

Katie and her teacher Mrs. Botzau on Graduation day!!

Congratulations to my girls, I am very proud of them. Katie did such an awesome job at her graduation, she walked in with her class, sang with them, and even raised her hand in order to say the Hail Mary for Father, which, she did. Everyone told me what a wonderful change they see in Katie, and how happy they are to see the fun little girl she is. She made a lot of play dates for the summer, she and her friends arranged everything without the mom's knowing about it!! How cute is that? Everyone except Helen is done with school for the summer, her last day is Friday. We have been very busy the last couple of weeks, but things are starting to slow down a bit, thank goodness. I have taken the kids with me when doing errands and they have been quite good, I'm glad we are able to do that. Last summer I had my friend Katherine volunteer to take them once a week so I could get a few things done without them. I really appreciated her doing that, I don't think she knows how much that helped me out. Last summer they weren't quite mature enough to go with, Noah and Helen especially didn't listen. They both do so well with me now, although they do still have their moments, but, who doesn't!!?!

Helen graduated yesterday(the date on the picture is wrong, something happened to my camera), I was so proud to see her participate and behave so well. She listened to the teacher and did what she asked. Helen didn't see us when she walked in, when she got to her seat I saw her looking around the room. My father-in-law came with us and was sitting closest to her. Helen looked directly at him and looked very confused, he didn't belong in that setting, she did finally smile at him. She yelled, "Mommy", when she saw me, and was very happy to see all of us there. She received five awards, Good Worker, Cooperation, Outstanding Friend, and Most Energetic (no doubt!). The last award was given to her because every month she earned the classroom quota for behavior, she received a special gift for that, squirt guns. When we got home from the graduation the kids filled them up and had a blast!!!

Next week is the start of Bible Camp for Ted, Robbie, Katie, and Grace, for two weeks. Helen has a week off and then starts summer school, Monday thru Thursday, two hours a day. I enjoy having them home, it's nice not to have any schedules. I'm looking forward to the summer, let's hope the rain lets up, we've had a lot of it around here. It has been nice not having to water the garden or the flowers! Everything looks good in the garden except for the eggplant, there is no sign of it. Let's hope it's a late bloomer, I love eggplant, Peter got me hooked on it. It would have been his 45th birthday a couple of days ago, we talked about him and had a few laughs. Sunday is Father's Day, we'll be going to the cemetery to light his candle and check on his flowers. I hope all of you Father's out there have a wonderful day, Happy Father's Day.

Until next time-

Take Care,


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