Tuesday, June 3, 2008

In The Blink of An Eye...

Alex's 1st Day of Kindergarten, with Aunt Annie
(Anne Marie - more than my sister-in-law, my great, good friend - teaches
at the elementary school that Alex and Blythe attended; Evan still does.)

Alex on his graduation night

Alexander Burke Roberson, my older son, graduated from high school on Saturday night. I remember his first day of school like it was last month. It hardly seems possible that the little boy who told me, when he was in first grade, "Mommy, I'm super shy..." evolved into the Student Council President and graduation speaker in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Alex is heading off to Auburn University in late summer and will be studying Political Science. He's already had a good bit of experience in the political realm, having campaigned for passage of a referendum to build a new high school (which, by the way, did pass!), serving as Junior Class President and Student Council President, managing the campaign of a friend who ran for the School Board, being interviewed on local radio shows about those activities... Along the way he has become an eloquent writer, an articulate speaker, a high level thinker and a hard worker. And, best of all, he's retained the kindness and quick sense of humor that he possessed as that sweet young boy. I could not be more proud of Alex.

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