Thursday, March 19, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Katie has been working hard for the Variety Show tomorrow night. She and her friends are singing and dancing to "The Hard Knock Life" from Annie. I was worried she would get cold feet. After hearing the excitement in her voice when telling her Greek school teacher about it, I no longer feel that way. I sat through some of the dress rehearsal yesterday, it's going to be a cute show. Ted is going to a birthday party, so he won't be with us. He is getting his braces off tomorrow, I'm worried his teeth are going to be stained. He didn't do a very good job with brushing, even with me nagging him. He can't wait, he hasn't told anyone at school, he wants to surprise them.

Ted, Robbie, and Katie have been working on poems and songs for their Greek school program. Ted said he is doing fine, but Robbie is having a hard time with his poem. My father-in-law has been coming by to help him and he is still having problems. His teacher changed her mind, I guess all of the kids in his class have had the same problems. They are now going to sing a song together, and from what I heard from Robbie, he knows it. He said to me, "Now I won't be sick on Sunday, cause I'm looking forward to the program now." That little stinker, he was going to fake sick so he wouldn't have to do his poem. I grew a bit wiser in an instant, I will no longer take their word on feeling sick. The thermometer will come out every time!

This next week is going to be busy for us, we having something to do everyday. Today Katie has a Daisy meeting after school, and Robbie has a den meeting this evening. Tomorrow Ted's braces come off, Katie has the Variety show, and Ted is going to the party. Saturday is rehearsal for the Greek school program, and then church. Sunday is the Greek school program and then Helen and Robbie's birthday party right after. Monday I have a Cub Scout committee meeting, and on Tuesday a mandatory school meeting, it is also Robbie's birthday. Wednesday I have a doctor's appointment and Helen has religion class. The other kids don't have Greek school because it is Greek Independence Day. Thursday is a free day, as of now! Friday Robbie has a pre-op doctors appointment and we have a First Communion meeting after school. Saturday morning Ted gets to feel what it's like to attend the Catholic High School. They offer classes and the kids sign up for which ones they would like. In between all of these activities I will need to do laundry, go grocery shopping, and keep the house clean. I'm tired just thinking about it! Who knows, maybe I'll loose a few pounds...that'll work!

Until next time-
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