Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ted, Robbie, and Katie at the Greek school program
Katie(bottom right) and her friends at the Variety show

Yesterday was Greek Independence Day, did you fly your flags proudly? That's what I asked the hot lunch mom's yesterday, they just laughed. The Greek school program was very nice, we had a very big turn out. On Saturday during the kid's rehearsal, the parents decorated and set up the tables for the show. We set up two extra tables (16 settings) just in case we needed them, and we did. Ted practiced all of Saturday and Sunday morning, he was very nervous. When we got to the church I told him to say his poem for his teacher just to make sure he was pronouncing all the words correctly. Good thing he did that, when it was his turn, he had terrible stage fright. He started his poem in the middle, his teacher had to help him along. Because he had said it to her beforehand, she knew he could say it and didn't mess up because he didn't know the poem. The food was fantastic, it was seafood because of Lent and fasting. We had Greek salad without the Feta cheese (no dairy), shrimp with orzo pasta in a tomato based sauce, octopus, onion rings for the kids, bread, fresh fruit, and an assortment of desserts. During our meal the Greek dance troupe performed two dances. Katie and Grace have decided they want to join the troupe, tonight is their first rehearsal. They will be performing at the Greek Fest this year, both are very excited.

Katie did an excellent job in the variety show, they received a lot of applause. People have been coming up to me and telling me how cute Katie was. They comment on how far she has come since dealing with the Selective Mutism. Watching her on that stage, it was hard to believe she had such a tough time, she was a natural.

We celebrated Helen and Robbie's birthday on Sunday afternoon, it was a nice party. Not as many people as I had expected, but that's okay. It gave us the opportunity to talk as a group, all in one room. Usually when more people are there, some people are in the living room, some in the kitchen, and some in the computer room. I have to make the rounds in order to talk with everyone. Robbie loved his gifts, he told me, "I hope this isn't a dream, I love my presents!"

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