Friday, September 25, 2009


Back in August I wrote about the possibility of Katie and Grace getting a device to help stop them from sucking their thumbs. It is now a reality for Katie and she needs much more than that. I took her and Robbie to the orthodontist for an evaluation the other day and I didn't receive good news. They both have overcrowding going on inside their mouths, Katie more than Robbie. He can wait until after he is twelve, that's when the last of the molars will be in. Katie on the other hand, needs them NOW. She needs an expander on her upper and lower, and then braces. When Katie was in Kindergarten, she had to have her front tooth pulled because she broke it when she fell on a stair at school, it STILL hasn't come in (Katie's in second grade). Come to find out, there has been no room for them, so they are staying put. With the expander, it will make room for her teeth to come in, and the braces will keep them straight. Her bottom teeth are just as bad, she has one tooth that popped through the gum outside of the line (it hurt when it came in). I need to come up with half of the money for the down payment and the office will put me on a payment plan for the rest. I'm lucky Robbie didn't need them right away, I don't know what I would have done.

Not only did they see the Orthodontist, they also had a visit with the Ophthalmologist. Katie needs an adjustment with her prescription, and Robbie needs glasses. Since losing our COBRA coverage last month, I have had to find other doctors for the kids. I have been lucky so far, they seem to be on top of things. The true test will be when I take Helen to see these new doctors. I asked each one if they have other patients with Down Syndrome and was told yes each time. If they don't have patience with Helen, then I will know they weren't telling me the truth. I had to make appointments with the pediatrician so the kids could get their flu shots. I'm torn about this new vaccine for the swine flu. I'm worried about Helen this flu season, it hits her hard. I am running low on my huge bottle of hand sanitizer. When I go to purchase another one, I'm going to buy for the kid's classrooms too. I have been told by every health professional I have talked to, the key is good hand washing. Come to think of it...I better buy a huge bottle of hand lotion too!!

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