Friday, October 9, 2009


We have had such gloomy weather these past couple of days. It rained yesterday, off and on, and this morning it's raining again. Helen is the only one who has school today, the kids were off yesterday too. When I woke up with Helen yesterday to get her ready for school, I was so tired. The weather didn't help matters, I wanted to crawl back in bed. After she left for school, I did just that, and regretted it the rest of the day. I was tired all day yesterday, and had no motivation. This morning, once again, I wanted to crawl back in bed after she left. I made myself stay up remembering how I felt yesterday. I have already gotten quite a few things done, hopefully this will be a much better day.

Ted ran in his first cross country meet the other day, I don't think he really knew what was in store for him. He finished, that's all that matters, I was very proud of him. He ran 1.24 miles, the farthest he has ever gone. Later that night I asked him how he felt, he told me, "Okay, my legs hurt though!" He definitely needs more training. Robbie has his last football game tomorrow, and then they start the play-offs. His team is ranked #4, that's out of 5 teams. For his sake and his team, I hope they go far in the play-offs, but for me and the kids, I hope not. It is starting to get cold, and the kids sit there the whole game and complain how cold they are. I tell them to bundle up, and they still complain. They don't appreciate attending sporting events...yet. We have many years attending these games, I think Robbie will always be involved with one sport or another. Ted has his track, and who knows what Noah will be interested in. Let's not forget Katie, who starts basketball next month. Like Noah, we still don't know where Grace's interests lie. Then there's Helen, I was told of a program that sounds like something she would enjoy, and she is getting to the point where she will be able to participate. Oh my head is starting to spin! I have a feeling there may be some time conflicts, I already have one this week-end. Robbie has his football game, and Ted has an activity he needs to do with the Boy Scouts in order for him to cross over in February. The game is at 10:30, but Robbie needs to be there at 9:45 for warm up. Ted's Cub Scout activity starts at 10:00, I can't be two places at once. Luckily, I put my distress signal out, and it was answered. My brother John is going to take Ted, and I will take Robbie. John and Ted will be busy cleaning the section of highway the Boy Scouts have adopted, while the rest of us are at the football game. You're probably thinking, "Oh sure, she gives the harder job to her brother!", but not really, he will have Ted ONLY...enough said.

I can't believe Halloween is right around the corner, and with it, the headache of costumes! The kids are older now and getting quite picky about what they want to be. Gone are the days when I bought the costumes at 90% off after Halloween and held on to them for the following year. They didn't care if their costumes were last year's news! Besides sewing them myself (I don't sew), anyone know where I can get them for cheap? Leave me a comment, thanks!:0)

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