Friday, February 26, 2010

"Fancy, Fancy"

Fancy Nancy party at Helen's school
This past Tuesday Helen and I attended the Fancy Nancy party at her school, she had such a good time. For those of you who don't know who Fancy Nancy is, she is a literary character found in children's books. She enjoys dressing fancy, boas, tiaras, the whole shebang! Helen was so excited about going to the "Fancy, Fancy" party, that's all she talked about. When we arrived we sat in the gym and watched the local High School cheerleaders perform a few cheers. Then we were off to the art room so Helen could make a picture frame for the picture that was taken when we first arrived. She put glitter all over her face and made her friends laugh. From there we went into a room where there was a woman who talked about manners, and respect for others. I don't think Helen got anything out of that one, she was busy looking around and checking out her picture frame. Fancy Nancy herself was in the last room we visited, she read a story about fancy words. Helen enjoyed that room, I'd say she enjoyed it the most, but after there we went back into the gym for ice cream! She didn't look up until her ice cream was gone. The last thing they did was hold a raffle for Fancy Nancy books and a doll, Helen didn't win, but our neighbor did. It was very nice to spend an evening with Helen, just the two of us. I think she had a good time too, it's all she has been talking about!!
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My name is Sarah said...

What a fun event. Helen looks so adorable all dressed up:

Anonymous said...

I have a 19 year old son with Down Syndrome. He wears pants size 36 with about a 26 inseam. He never looks like a typical teenager in his clothes. Button down shirts are impossible to find. They look like he is wearing a dress. Are you going forward with your idea to make clothes for people with Down syndrome?