Friday, March 5, 2010


When logging on today, I noticed we have posted over 200 blogs...WOOHOO!!! (no wonder I have run out of things to talk about!! just kidding) I just got back from my parent/teacher conference with Helen's teachers...ugh! We didn't talk about her behavior, she has been doing pretty good lately. In fact, she is the student of the month for her class. We discussed the changes that are coming...I hate change! I'm sure we're not the first state, nor will we be the last, to make changes to the special education system. Here in Wisconsin they want all students to be included 100%, whether they can handle the classroom or not. Luckily, there is one classroom still in the district that is mostly self contained. I say lucky because Helen is not ready for full inclusion. I know there are kids out there who can do it, Helen just happens to be one of those who can't. I am hoping eventually she will be able to handle it, until then, we need to put her in a place where she is not overwhelmed. This program where she will be going next school year sounds perfect, and a good place for her to learn the skills she needs in order to function in the classroom. Eventually, she will be included 100%, I just want her to be able to handle it. One of her teachers has already been there to check it out. She thinks it's a perfect placement for Helen. Her other teacher, Helen, and myself are going to go and check it out soon. It sounds like a good fit for Helen, it will be interesting to see how she likes it. One of the activities they do is to plan, shop, and prepare either soup or salad for the staff at the school. I know Helen would love to do this, she loves to help in the kitchen. It will also help with her social skills, she sometimes behaves inappropriately in public. I'm both sad and excited about this new program. I will hate to see Helen leave the school she is at, she has been there for five years now. I think her teacher is a security blanket for me, we have been a team for so long, it will be hard to change partners. But...change is always good, and I think it will be a very good change for Helen. Hopefully we will be able to get her into the new school during the summer session, that way she can familiarize herself before the new school year starts. I will keep you posted.

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