Friday, June 18, 2010

Helen's Last Day

Helen with her favorite teacher, Mrs. Coughlin (Mrs. Coffee as Helen calls her)
Helen with Mrs. Culshaw, Mrs. Coughlin's assistant

Helen and Mrs. Mitchell, her speech pathologist
Helen's last day of school was a week ago, it was her last day at Roosevelt Elementary. I think I was more sad about it than she was. She has had a great team of teachers for the last 4 years, we are both going to miss them. I went and bought flowers for her teachers and their assistants. The kids and I waited outside for Helen to come out, each one holding a bouquet. I was told by the teachers that was a beautiful sight. Helen was so excited to see all of us, she knew there would be flowers for everyone. She went and took the flowers from the kids, one by one, and handed them out. We all chatted for a bit, hugged and said our good-bye's, I had tears in my eyes. I'm sad, but excited for our new chapter with Helen's new school. She keeps talking about her new school, and she mentions all her friends who are going too. She even mentions Mrs. Coughlin, and then I have to explain to her that she will not be her teacher next year...I hope it sinks in.
Peter's birthday was that same day. We headed to the cemetery as soon as we left Helen's school. We planted flowers for him, everyone had a job. Helen's was to water. I didn't even have the flowers planted and she went and filled her jug with water. She sat down beside me holding onto her water and watched me clean up the weeds, turn the dirt, and plant the flowers. She was thrilled when it was finally time to water the freshly planted flowers. From there we went to our favorite restaurant and had lunch. It was a good day.
Helen starts summer school on Monday, she can't wait. My other kids, minus Ted, start Bible Camp for two weeks. We have been quite busy already this summer. The pool is up, and there is new sand in the far, so good!!
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