Friday, June 4, 2010

Let The Summer Begin

Last week Noah graduated preschool, Wednesday Grace graduated Kindergarten, and today Ted, Robbie, and Katie had their last day of school...the summer has officially started! Helen's last day is next Wednesday, Peter's birthday. We are going to pick her up and then head to the cemetery to plant flowers. She will be leaving the school and teachers that she has known for the past four years. It's going to be a sad day, I'm going to miss everyone. They have been such a wonderful group of teachers. Helen is really going to miss them, especially Mrs. Coughlin, or as Helen calls her...Mrs. Coffee. She is the one who taught her how to read, her favorite past time. Peter went to the school to observe the classroom before we decided to send Helen there. He really liked the atmosphere and especially liked Mrs. Coughlin. I'm glad we listened to his instincts and it all worked out, they have been a huge support system for me...everything happens for a reason!

Robbie had a black spot near the area where he had his birthmark removed over a year ago. I thought it could possibly be a tick since he had been camping recently. When I rubbed my hand over it I could feel a piece of it sticking out. In fact, that's how I found it in the first place. I was putting sunscreen on him for the school picnic and felt it. It looked like the tick had embedded itself into his skin. I made an appointment for him the next day at the doctor, if it were a tick, we needed a professional to remove it! It took two seconds for the doctor to tell me, "It's NOT a tick." I kept asking him, "Are you sure?" I guess I thought he didn't get a good enough look at it. According to the doctor, it's a stitch that either didn't get removed, or never dissolved. The body didn't recognize it, so it's trying to kick it out. It's slowly working it's way out, and it's not looking very pretty in the process. We're keeping an eye on it.

Katie played her first softball game of the season the other night, it was called because of the rain. I started to feel a few drops as soon as the game began. Katie's team was up first, she was next up when the player before her made the third out. Katie wasn't very pleased, until someone pointed out to her that she would be the first one up when they batted again. I kept saying, "Please let Katie bat before the rain falls, please let Katie bat..." She got up to bat, hit the ball from her coaches pitch, and made it to base! By this time, the rain was falling harder, Helen went to the car, she was the smart one. When it started coming down even more, I went to get my umbrella, it really didn't look like they were going to call the game. As I was coming back from my car, I saw the teams lining up to give high fives, they had finally stopped the game. Once everyone was in their cars and heading out of the parking lot, the skies opened up and it came down in buckets. Thank goodness we were in the car!! Hopefully we won't experience that again this season!

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