Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Field Trips

I just got back from a school field trip with Robbie and Katie, we went to the landfill. What an easy trip for my first one with the bigger kids, we stayed on the bus for the entire time. We drove on the landfill and learned all about what was underneath us, it was very interesting. The kids were so happy to have me there, especially Katie. I haven't been able to go on any field trips with the older kids until now. I did go on preschool field trips but they said that didn't count. Now that all the kids are in school all day, I'm able to go, as long as it doesn't get in the way of working on the clothing line. Thursday we're going on a walking field trip to the newspaper to see how they recycle. Next Friday I have back to back trips. Robbie and Katie are going to the Eco Justice Center in the morning, and Grace's class is going to the pumpkin farm in the afternoon. I am going to be exhausted...but in a GOOD way!!

Yesterday I worked in the yard, the front one to be exact. I pulled all the flowers, turned over the dirt, pulled the weeds, trimmed the bushes, and washed all the windows. I could barely move last night, I thought for sure I'd be the same today. I'm feeling fine, I'm ready to do the same thing with the backyard! My neighbor told me he would help me with the weeds in the backyard, they are much worse than in the front. I didn't plant a garden this year, so now it's overgrown with weeds. I have the BEST neighbors!! We have nice weather here this week so I'm trying to get all the outside chores done before the cold weather comes....BRRRRR!

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