Monday, September 20, 2010

Writer's Block...I Wish

Writer's block? I'd like to be able to blame my absence on that, but that's not the case. I thought I would enjoy all the kids being in school, instead, I have been very overwhelmed. September has been a difficult month for me since Peter died, emotionally and financially. Every year I tell myself when August rolls around, "Hang in there, everything will work out, it always does." It doesn't work! So, enough about me...the kids have gotten back into the routine of being back in school. Helen loves her new school and teachers. They have started a reward system with her that I thought was genius. She has to receive eight smiley faces in order to watch five minutes of ICarly. Today however, she wouldn't listen, even when ICarly was mentioned...maybe it's not so genius! I can't wait for her to grow out of this stage! Now ask me how long I've been saying that!!

Noah loves going to Kindergarten, he feels like a big kid. I was worried he wouldn't listen to the teacher. I talked with her last year and told her my concerns. She put his desk right next to hers, just to be safe. She told me I must have been pulling her leg last school year because Noah is a very good listener. I also heard that he and two other boys, his friends from preschool, are the best behaved boys. What a relief! Ted has taken to middle school like a pro, he really enjoys it. Robbie, Katie, and Grace like their new teachers too. Grace isn't too happy starting the year off with homework, but she'll get used to it.

We just celebrated Ted's twelfth birthday, I still can't believe it. Helen, on the other hand, is still twenty-nine!! She wanted today to be her birthday. I told her, "Noooo, your birthday's in February!" She told me, "Noooo, it's today!" She then started laughing!

Sherry is heading to the textile show in LA this week-end. She is looking for a different jean material, since we had some concerns voiced to us about the fabric of our jeans. I must say, I have washed Helen's pair many, many times, and they still look brand new! We are moving along slowly but surely, thanks for your patience. We will keep you posted of any news.

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Just wondering, how do we contact you in terms of your clothing?

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Sue said...

You can reach us at; with any questions you may have.