Monday, January 17, 2011

Fighting A Cold

Last week I was trying to fight off a cold, it won! By the end of the week, I was miserable. I can't get sick, there is too much to be done and no one to pick up the slack. Helen has been sniffing a lot the past couple of days, I hope she doesn't get it. Since her nasal passages are thin, it doesn't take much for her to catch colds. I tried my best to stay a good distance from her, but she's a hugger, and there was no getting away from that. I tried turning my head away from her, but she loves to get right in my face and talk to me. I guess she figures that's the only way she will get my undivided attention! Ted's home sick with a sore throat today, hopefully it won't get worse, he's prone to strep. I'm hoping to get caught up with things around here, it doesn't take much to fall behind.

Robbie placed fourth in the Pinewood Derby race with the Cub Scouts. He will be going to the district race, his first time. His car is a slice of pepperoni pizza, it looks so cool. Ted went to the district twice, and Robbie's best friend has gone the past couple of years, so it was a great night when he realized he was going. The district race is crazy...lots of people, mostly excited boys, their energy could power the city! It gets so loud, I would guess there to be around seventy-five Scouts racing. There are four heats to sit through, it makes for a very long day!

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