Monday, January 10, 2011


It's only the second week of the new year, and I've already broken all my resolutions! One of my resolutions was to get back to writing once a week...obviously, that didn't work! We haven't had much happening lately, which is actually a good thing, boring, but good. We had wonderful holidays, I gained too much weight, but who doesn't? Of course, one of my other resolutions was to start walking again...that didn't happen either! I feel like I need to hibernate, I've got enough fat stored for the winter now I just need to sleep and wake up thinner! I haven't walked because it's been so cold. I put the blame on can I take him out for a walk in this cold weather, he has such short hair, he'll freeze...see how easy it is!?!!

I took a jewelry making class last week, knotted pearl necklace to be exact. I LOVED it, I think I have found my calling. I'm going to take more classes so I can learn other techniques. Who knows, maybe someday you'll see them on here, that would be AWESOME! Any suggestions you might have on styles/color schemes, feel free to share, I'll do my best. Who knows, maybe one day it will be a mom and daughters product line, wouldn't that be great!

Helen has been so good at church lately, she is signing the prayers, and has even started signing with the readings. I thought I would give it a try and sit in the main part of church, we usually sit in the cry room. On Saturday, Helen and I went to Mass by ourselves, I wanted one on one with her. We walk into church and Helen heads to the front of church. I thought nothing of it, since that's where we sat on Christmas Eve. Instead of stopping at a pew, she opens the door that heads to the cry room. I'm about 10 feet behind her and I'm trying to shout, without shouting, so she won't go into the cry room. She either didn't hear me, or chose to ignore me, she went right into the cry room and made herself comfortable. I reminded her that we were going to sit in the main part of church, she insisted we stay put, so we did. She was paying attention because she started to sign, but then she got naughty. I'm thinking I should have brought everyone, she realized she had my undivided attention. I also should have known better, and maybe waited until Sunday morning to go to church. Helen was gassy all day, I mean really gassy! She was passing gas the whole time we were there. At times, it was quite loud, and we weren't the only ones there. At the end of Mass, I'm pretty sure I smelled air freshener!!

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