Friday, March 11, 2011

Always Something

I was without my computer for a couple of weeks thanks to a virus, why are people so evil!?!! I am keeping an eye on my bank account and checking my credit cards everyday....what a pain! I was using the kids computer while mine was out of commission. It was so s......l.....o......w! I'm having it looked at, just in case. It's a shame when you trust the security product you purchased and someone is able to break through it. My computer had to be reformatted, it was a mess. It is wonderful now, it's much quicker than before. I always wondered why everyone raved about their high speed Internet, now I know.

Helen has had a few issues at school. After spending time in her special education class, she leaves, on her own, and goes into her inclusion class. The special ed. class is in the front of the school and the inclusion class is in the back. It's a very long hallway she has to walk down. There is a boy in her class who leaves about five minutes before Helen in order to go to his inclusion class which is different from Helen's. The other day, I'm told, he hit Helen in the nose. One of the aides found her in the hallway crying. When she asked what was wrong, Helen told her the boy hit her in the nose. They got her calmed down and then asked her again what had happened. While telling the story she giggled a little, this put some doubt in their minds that it really happened. When going through Helen's backpack that day, I came across the note explaining what had happened. First of all, Helen very rarely cries, and if she does, something happened to her. Second of all, this is not the first time this boy has hit her. Did they really think Helen would come up with a story like that, it's really not in her to do that. She kept touching her nose and saying the boy's name to me, that was proof enough for me. I suggested they let Helen leave first from the classroom, that way, the boy can't wait for her in the hallway. I'm hoping this solves the problem, if not, I'll definitely have to go in and talk with the principal. Don't get me wrong, her teachers are wonderful, but when you hear about your child getting hit in the nose at school, it doesn't sit well, especially since it's Helen.

The other issue she had happened at the grocery store yesterday. During the winter months her class makes soup. The day before they cook, they shop. I was told she had a meltdown, she sat in the aisle and wouldn't get up. I don't know what lead up to that point, so I have no idea what triggered the behavior. Her favorite aide, Mr. Spencer, was able to talk with her and get her up and moving again. We are very lucky to have him as a part of the team. He is actually the one on one aide for another student. Thank goodness he is in the same classes as Helen. It always seems to be day at a time!

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Laura said...

Hello, found your blog via a search for clothing and Down syndrome. I don't see specific posts regarding your venture in that area; is there a specific grouping of those you can direct me to? I have had to begin sewing just to get a decent fit for my angel girl and I assume it will be a lifelong issue. Best of luck in your endeavor. Laura

Sue said...

Hi Laura,

My sister Sherry usually blogs about the business side of It'll Fit'll, and I blog about raising six kids, one of them having special needs, as a single parent. We are still in the process of adjusting the pattern of the pants. We want it to be "perfect" this time around, so we are taking our time to make sure we do it right. As soon as we have news regarding this issue, we will post it here on our blog, which eventually will be our official website. Thanks for the inquiry.

Take Care,