Friday, March 25, 2011

Variety Show 2011

We have been so busy around here, I haven't had a chance to sit and write. When I'm not at one of the school's helping out, or acting as chauffeur, I'm throwing a load of laundry in the washer, folding it, or straightening up around the house. While I get "caught up" around here, I thought I'd share the videos of Robbie(he's the cowboy), Katie(middle pink), and Grace(middle purple) in their school's variety show. I hope you enjoy!

video video

This Sunday, Helen has a fitting with the pattern maker. I'm hoping we brought the rise up far enough so we can move ahead with the jeans. I'm very excited!!

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Karen Laudeman said...

Hi Sue, I love your blog! My sister Jenny has Down Syndrome. She is 29 but still has a size 2 1/2 shoe in children's sizes (extra wide width). Do you have any suggestions on where to get custom-made shoes for her? It's our oldest sister's wedding in September and we want to find pretty gold ballet flats. Thanks in advance for your help and best wishes to you!!

Kind regards,
Karen (New York, NY)

Sue said...

Thanks Karen, I often wonder if people enjoy what I write. There are times when I have no clue what to write, so I write from the heart. I have not heard of any place that would be able to help you with your shoe dilemma. We hope to one day be your place for one-stop shopping. Good luck with your search for the perfect shoe, and congratulations to your oldest sister on her upcoming nuptials!


sue said...

I have a brother with downs and I was looking to buy him pants that will fit him. I was wondering if you succeeded with you goals because my mom has been having a hard time buying him clothes and tailoring is not easy. If I wanted to buy from you would you be able to make him pants and if so how much? I think what your doing is great.

Sue said...

Hi Sue,

We are still not ready to sell our clothing, but are working very hard to make it a reality. When we do get to the point of selling, this is the web address you would use. This blog will turn into our official website of It'll Fit'll. Thanks for the inquiry and the support!!

Take Care,