Thursday, June 2, 2011

Out of Respect

Last week we had a death in our family, our sister-in-law's dad passed away. It didn't feel right for me to write, he read our blog religiously. One day he was riding his bike and working around the house, and the next, laying in a hospital unconscious. He died less than two weeks later. He was always so good to us when we would visit Savannah, GA, his town. It is such a beautiful place to visit. My sister-in-law is doing okay, it's never easy losing someone we love.

On a different note, Noah turned six last week and he graduates from Kindergarten next week. The rest of the kids are done with school at the end of next week...YIKES! Now that they're older, I'm hoping they will help more around the house. I want to start getting some work done this summer so I can have a little extra income coming in, times are tough! They keep asking when I'm going to put the pool up, all I see are $$$$$! We don't have a huge pool, but every extra expense adds up. Besides, our weather has been so wacky, just like everywhere else in the U.S., it's crazy. It's been much cooler than usual here, it's only just recently started warming up. I want to make sure we have more warmer weather than cooler before I put it up. I have made some plans for us this summer. We are going to meet up with friends at the beach, we have a very nice one in our town. I have a friend who's in-laws have a lake house, we're going there, and a friend who's parents have a cabin in Northern WI that we've been invited to. Robbie's best friends parents have a cabin near the Wisconsin Dells, so we may go there for a little getaway. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will all work out.

We are still waiting to hear from our pattern makers. As soon as the samples are sewn, we will start to send them out for you to try on and give us feedback.

Until next time-
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