Friday, May 20, 2011


Last week I had Helen's IEP meeting with her new team, it went well. The only change that was made was to the amount of time she spends in the mainstream classroom for reading. Since this subject is her strongest, we feel the additional time spent with her peers will be a benefit to her without affecting her schoolwork. I was told throughout the whole meeting how much they love Helen and love having her in the classroom. They all wish she would have been in their class earlier so they could have spent more years with her. She only has one more year at that school and then will move to a middle school. I'm going to start looking into that now so that I know what my choices are. Like everywhere else, there are some schools that are better than others. I am relieved it went so well, I have heard horror stories of other IEP's. So we are set for another year, unless any issues arise.

Ted went HOBO camping last week-end with his Boy Scout troop, they slept in boxes. Our weather here was cold and rainy, ALL week-end. Ted had so much fun, he didn't care about the weather. The only things he took were his sleeping bag, boxes, spoon, cup, and a stick. They used their sticks to roast hot dogs and make pancakes. They would put pancake batter on the stick, let it dry a bit and then dip the stick back into the batter until it formed a ball. Then they roasted it over the fire to make the clever is that!?!! This week-end they are cleaning their part of the highway they adopted, having a cook-out and then swimming at a club pool. Robbie's Cub Scout den is going to join them for the highway clean-up and cook-out, they don't get to swim. Since Robbie is still in Cub Scouts, guess who gets to go with to help...ME! He still needs to have a parent with him at his outings. I just heard the weather for tomorrow and they are saying we should be clear of rain from 9am-2pm...perfect!!

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