Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making Communion Hosts

Katie is stirring the wheat flour and water

The batter is then placed in the middle of the press to be cooked

The finished product...unleavened bread

Cutting the unleavened bread with a host cutter to make individual hosts

Katie and Fr. John trying to free a cut host from the unleavened bread

Yesterday I went to watch the second graders make Communion Hosts. The press they used was found in the church basement. It is the press the nuns used when making Communion hosts many years ago. This is the third time I have gone, and still enjoyed it very much. Katie and her class are making their First Communion on Sunday, they are all very excited.
Life has been happening in this household, it has been so busy around here lately. Ted has been busy with Boy Scouts, he went on his first camping trip as a Boy Scout last week-end. He had a blast and is looking forward to the next one. The troop goes camping once a month! Helen has been busy reading, she loves it. Her group language teacher takes pictures while doing an activity and then makes it into a book. Helen's favorite book is the one where they carved a pumpkin. My favorite is when they played in the snow outside and Helen kept eating the snow! Robbie started a volleyball clinic a few weeks ago, he was a bit unsure about it. He had never really played outside of gym class, but now really likes the sport. When he reaches fifth grade, he will be able to join the school team, I'm hoping that's the goal. Katie has been getting ready for her First Communion. We have everything ready to go, dress, shoes, and veil. I had a friend of mine make her veil to match the dress...it turned out beautiful. I will post pictures next week. Grace has been busy talking on the phone! I don't allow her to make phone calls yet, it's her friends that call her. I heard her give the low down of what we were all up to one day! Noah has been busy attending birthday parties, he's getting so big! Getting out of the car the other day when dropping him off at school, he told me, "Get back in the car Mom, I can go in alone!" This coming from the little boy who wouldn't let me leave the classroom until after they said the Pledge of Allegiance last year!! I guess he's ready for Kindergarten!! Just in case your wondering...no, I didn't get back in the car, I had something to drop off with his teacher. Myself, I have been overseeing all the activities and also a few of my own. I recently went to the big fundraiser for the kid's school, it was very nice. They had it at a local banquet hall, it was dinner, dancing, silent and live auctions, and a raffle. I wasn't lucky enough to win any of the raffle prizes, two of them were a year's tuition...DARN!! We have a lot of activities coming up, a lot of end of the school year stuff. I will do my best to keep you all up to speed.
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Friday, April 9, 2010


I cannot believe Kate Gosselin is still on Dancing With The Stars...yep, that's right, I watch Dancing With The Stars!! I have watched since it first came on, and if I can't watch it, I DVR it, which sometimes is better because then I can fast forward through the commercials. I know I should be cheering her on since her claim to fame is being a mom, but come on, really!?!! She missed steps completely, it doesn't even look like she's dancing most of the time, and she looks stiff. I'm not saying I could do any better, I'm just saying there were other people who were voted off that shouldn't have went before she did. Hello...wake up...it's more about popularity than talent!! On The View, Sheri Shepard said she tweeted to all her peeps to vote for Kate. According to her, she has hundreds of thousands of followers...is that really fair? What I really want to know is...how does a person go about getting a show? She had a show because she had eight kids, that's only two more than me...I know, she had six of them at one time. Think about it though, widow with six kids, one of them being special needs...I think it could work. I need to provide for my kids, just like Kate. I would love to be able to travel more with them, and do more things locally with them. Everything costs money, something I don't have a lot of. We can really be entertaining at times, so anyone out there with connections....

The kids have been on Spring Break this week. I had so many plans of things I was going to get done around the house...it didn't happen. We had about two days worth of good weather, the kids were outside playing last Friday. Robbie decided to bring out the basketball hoop and play some ball. He threw the ball and instead of it going into the basket, it hit the window and broke it! What a way to start the holiday! I had my friend come and take a look, he suggested I replace the whole window. It is a good idea, the window is old, and very drafty. He is looking into prices for me, he and a friend would do the work for me. I don't know what I would do without him, thank goodness he has a wonderful wife who doesn't mind sharing him.

I took the girls for a haircut the other day, my hairdresser asked Helen how old she is now. Helen answered, straight faced, "29!" I said, "29! are you sure about that?" She shook her head yes. I keep asking her, and she still insists she is 29!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter from It'll Fit'll

From our families to yours, Happy Easter!!:o) If you don't celebrate, have a wonderful Sunday...