Monday, April 23, 2007

Seriously, It's Always Something

I was starting to think about what to blog next and came up with a few ideas, Sherry even gave me some ideas, I jinxed myself! My next blog fell right into my lap, not in a good way. Last Wednesday I spent the night at Children's Hospital with Noah, my youngest. Let me start by saying he was a trouper and is doing well and will be fine.

I left to pick up my four year old from preschool which is four minutes from my house. She was messing around being funny, typical behavior for her age, so we were gone ten, fifteen minutes tops. As I got closer to my house I saw a firetruck in front and thought something happened to the neighbors. When I was almost to my house the paramedics pulled up right before me and started to walk towards MY HOUSE. My mind started to think of every scenario that could have happened to my mom, I never imagined it was one of my kids. When I walked in the door my mom was sitting in one chair sobbing and Noah was in another, Grace was nowhere to be found so I thought it was her. I was taking in everything going on, it seemed like forever but it was actually just seconds. I heard my mom say he took two of one kind of pill and maybe four or five of another. It registered, Noah had gotten into her medicine and ingested some of it. I remained calm, my mom on the other hand did not, I didn't know who to go to first, my son or my mom. I went to my mom and told her Noah would be okay, the paramedics were there and they would take care of him. I told her accidents happen I know she didn't do anything on purpose, she is usually very careful when it comes to her medications. I then went to Noah and said a few words to him while answering the paramedics questions. It was clear we were going to the hospital so I grabbed his stuffed animal, blanket, and my purse. I told Katie I needed to go with Noah, at this time I finally saw Grace, she was so scared she was crying. I said a few things to her to try and calm her down and then called my friend to come over to stay with the girls because I knew my mom would be no good for them at that time. As I was leaving my neighbors came over to see what happened so I asked them if they could sit with my mom until my friend arrived, they said sure. Off we went to the local hospital via ambulance. I'm sitting on the bed with Noah in my lap everyone in and out of the room, finally the doctor comes in, she had no clue if Noah was a girl or a boy, and didn't even know the story. I then realized she was the same doctor who had seen my husband on Mother's Day last year and diagnosed his brain tumor. Peter didn't like her bedside manner, and in fact I called and complained to the hospital about it. She told my husband about his tumor without any support system there for him, life altering news and he had no one there for support. I was on my way to the hospital, they should have waited for me to arrive. Now I'm feeling very overwhelmed by my situation and I started to cry, thank goodness Noah couldn't see me. I spoke with the nurse about my situation and asked if there was another doctor who could take over the case, she was the only doctor on duty. I then asked if she had told her about my request, she did, I felt like I had just made things worse for Noah. The ER called poison control and were told to give him charcoal, he threw it up. They gave it to him again, he threw up again. By this time the physician's assistant called Noah's pediatrician and she said to send him to Children's he needed to be monitored over night. I absolutely love our pediatrician and can't sing her praises enough, even before this happened. As for the ER doctor, let's just say I hope I never have to make another trip to that ER again!

We are now on our way to Children's with the transport team, and I'm feeling much better with the care Noah is receiving. When we arrive we are sent to the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit), so they can keep a close eye on him. The atmosphere is so much more relaxing, everyone was wonderful, they tended to our every need, yes, even me who needed some scrubs because I had throw up all over me. The doctors answered all of my questions and kept me well informed on everything going on around me. By the evening Noah was doing much better and was ready to eat, he ate his dinner and some of mine, poor guy was starving. My mom was in much better shape but still upset, Sherry had come over by this time and took care of my kids overnight. I don't think anyone of us got a good nights sleep that night. The next morning Noah was himself, I heard a very loud MOM! All of his labs looked normal and we were released, thank goodness it wasn't worse than it was.

The rest of the week was quiet which was fine by me. My friend and her family came over and pulled out my huge bushes in front of my house, I am going to replace them with something smaller. Helen's gunky nose turned out to be a sinus infection so she is on an antibiotic and already doing much better. We enjoyed the nice weather and celebrated Earth Day by cooking out for the first time with our new grill. I was very proud of myself for figuring it out without having to grab my neighbor. I am hoping for a quiet week, I will let you know how that goes!

Until next time-
Take Care,
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