Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Time Heals All Wounds

I have an update on DonnaJean's daughter, she is out of the hospital and on the mend. Thank you to those of you who kept them in your thoughts and prayers, I do believe in the power of prayer!

It is blustery cold here, and snowing, again. Tomorrow we are expecting frigid temperatures, they say it's going to be -20 degrees with the wind chill...brrrrrrrrrrr!! I certainly didn't plan things right this week, I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow. I was hoping to hold out until Friday when the temperature is supposed to be in the 20's, but we will be using the last of the milk in the morning for cereal. I'm lucky to have that, Helen would be very upset if she had to eat something other than her Koala Crisp cereal for breakfast. I just recently discovered that the all gluten free grocery store that was located in Milwaukee, has moved closer to me. It is also easier to get to, so I will definitely be going there very soon to see if I can find her more of a variety. I'm hoping to find some family meals there, I do a lot of double duty cooking!(two burners, same food, one gluten free, the other not.) Gluten free food is very expensive, the cereal Helen likes is a regular sized box, it costs $4.89!(ouch is right!) Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, it's worth every penny spent if that's what's going to make Helen better. Since she has been on the gluten free diet she hasn't been up during the night with stomach cramps, and we haven't had to clean up messes! I see a change in her, more mature, it's very subtle, but it's there.

I'm exhausted, emotionally. We had another death in the family, my great aunt on my mom's side, she was 93 years old. That's the age I wish everyone lived to, and even beyond that if your mind and body are willing. She had a good life, she was surrounded by family who loved her very much, and she went peacefully. I have come to accept that it will be a lot harder on me emotionally when someone I know passes away. It's hard to explain...not only am I sad for the loss of that person, but I'm sad for all the losses I have suffered. I'm hoping one day to not feel that way, but for now, so be it. The saying, "Time heals all wounds" is so true, for me anyway. I have begun writing in my journal again, I haven't done that since the night before Peter died. I wrote everything down so the kids could read about(when they are older) and have a better understanding of what we went through. It was very hard to read. I realized I needed to start writing again, they need to know what we are going through now, and what we went through last year. I must say though, I was in a bit of a fog, so I don't know how much I can remember of that first year without Peter, but I'm going to try my best. It is my gift to my wonderful children.

Until next time-
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