Thursday, January 17, 2008

January Tornadoes

Today was a late start for Helen's school, I was planning on writing this while we waited for her bus. She normally gets picked up at 7:15am, on late days she is picked up at 9:15am, more than enough time for me to write a blog. Before I came here to write I thought I would check in with a new blog I have been following and found out some sad news. My friend DonnaJean, who has left many comments here on this blog, has an adult daughter with DS. I found out she is in the hospital, the doctors are saying it is a bad case of pneumonia. How scary it is for us when one of our kids gets so sick they end up in the hospital. It's even scarier when that child has special needs. I spent most of my time scrolling down on that blog to see if there were any updates on her, I also sent a little note. I hope all of you will join me in sending warmest wishes to DonnaJean and her daughter Laurie Elizabeth, and pray for a speedy recovery. Laurie, hope you get well soon!!!!:o)

Did you all hear of the freak January tornadoes that ripped through SE Wisconsin last week? They came close to us but far enough away that we are safe. We took shelter in a cedar closet in our basement. It was scary for the kids, especially Katie, she is still afraid. I had the news on and they kept us updated on where exactly the storm was. When I heard the sirens go off I knew we HAD to take shelter in the basement. They had already reported the tornado touching down in Wheatland and how strong the storm had become. We all headed downstairs, Helen on the other hand had other plans. She kept flying up the stairs, thinking it was a game. Then Mickie our dog started barking, she had to go out. I scolded Helen while I let Mickie out(good thing she's fast, it was looking terrible outside). I closed the door to our basement hoping that would deter Helen from climbing up the stairs, and put Mickie in her kennel. We were set, I had grabbed blankets, my cell phone, a clock, and a radio in case we lost power. The only thing we didn't have were flashlights, they are now on my list of things to get at the store. I know I could have grabbed candles, believe it or not, I never even thought of them that night. We were watching the news, the kids were filled with questions. I answered as many as I could, I was trying to reassure them so I chose my answers carefully, Katie was really scared. Then, of course, Noah had a dirty diaper, and no, I didn't think to grab diapers. I headed back upstairs to change him, Katie was crying, she thought the tornado was going to blow us away because we were not in the basement. While I was changing Noah I looked outside, it was very dark(4:30pm) with rain falling down in buckets, definitely very ugly out there. When we got back downstairs I tried to calm Katie down, that's when I thought of the closet. It helped her feel safer, maybe because we were all close to each other in there. The storm blew over us and headed into Lake Michigan, we are about 4 blocks from the lake. That evening was filled with a lot of talk about what would have happened if the tornado did touch down in our neighborhood. Now we are expecting very cold temperatures, and snow. This weather has just been crazy!

Last week I was going to blog and then decided not to. It was so nice to see a blog from Sherry at the top of the page, I didn't want to push her down any. I also wanted to give everybody a chance to see the post, I wasn't sure if everyone scrolls down or not. Sherry has some fantastic ideas for It'll Fit'll, I am very excited to see all of them fall into place this year. The wait will definitely be worth it, so please hang in there with us.

Until next time-
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