Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day..Our 100th Blog

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!! Our blog has reached a milestone today, this is the 100th blog entry!! WOW! It has been a year since we started this blog, I hope it has been as enjoyable for you as it has for us. I have come to realize just how quickly time flies as you get older, it feels like yesterday when I sat down to write my first entry. I don't have anything important for today's blog, I was just going to complain about the many valentines I had to help with last night. Helen needed valentines for two classes, her special ed., and her inclusion class. She decided after writing her name on two of them that she had enough. She started to write everything but her name, in doing that, she ruined quite a few! We needed a lot for her, so I couldn't let her do it to any more, I took over and finished signing her name. She did help with taping the lollipop to them and closing them up. Katie and Ted also worked on theirs, Ted didn't need my help, but Katie did. After they were all done, I was going to write my blog last night, but was so tired. I couldn't believe how doing those valentines exhausted me, I went to bed. Robbie was the smart one, he worked on his the other night and took them to school already. Grace and I will be working on hers today, her party is tomorrow since she doesn't have school on Thursdays.

Today was a late start for Helen, she went in 2 hours later than usual. I was so mad at the bus service!! Today was the third time in less than a week they have been late. Only one of those times was due to the weather and is excusable, but the other two times I'd like to know what happened. I called the bus service to see if they were planning on picking her up today or if I needed to drop her off. First of all, it took me about 20 minutes to get through, which isn't a good sign because that means a whole lot of other people are trying to do the same. Second, after they checked and told me the bus was three minutes away they hung up on me while I was in mid-sentence. That really ticked me off, so I called the special education office and they transferred me to the transportation supervisor. I reached his secretary, he was on his way to the bus company to find out what is going on. I shared my story with her, she in fact told me the bus company has recently lost a key bus driver due to a broken ankle. I'm thinking it's our bus driver, I haven't seen her since Monday, the last day the bus was on time. She has been wonderful, there has only been one time this whole year she was late and I had to take Helen to school. I wish the answer were as simple as me taking her to school on my own. The problem with that, the other kids have to be at school the same time, I can't be in two places at once. If only Peter were here...
Hopefully the supervisor and the bus company can come up with a solution, until then, my hands are tied. Don't get me wrong, if there are any more issues, I won't hesitate to make a phone call, the bus company has supervisors also!

Katie made a huge step today, she went into school with the boys without any help from me. She has gone into school before but I have had to go and meet her at her classroom. Today I was able to drop them off and go right home, it is so much easier!! I know I mentioned before Katie having Selective Mutism, well, it's official, she was diagnosed by a doctor. She started therapy on Tuesday and loved it. If today is any indication of how this is all going to work out, I'm very optimistic. I am so proud of her, I know she is trying really hard to come out of her shell. She joined Daisy Scouts this week and was able to sit in on the yearbook picture with her friends. I was worried she wouldn't do it, getting her to take her school picture was a nightmare. The principal called me to come to the school and see what I could do. I got her in front of the camera, but that's about it. I have a picture of a little girl that resembles Katie hanging on my wall, but the beautiful smile is missing. She told me yesterday, "We went to the gym to get our pictures, I sat with my friends, and I smiled real big!" I am so proud of her and told her so after I clapped! I think she will talk at school sooner than we think, and I will be so relieved. Her friends need to see the wonderful little girl she is and not the little girl who doesn't talk.

My computer chair has been broken for some time now, we have been able to work with it. Over the week-end it finally gave up on us, so I am perched on the very edge trying to get this blog written. My big b-u-t (as the kids spell it!) is falling asleep, it's time to end this 100th blog entry, and what a way to go! Here's to many more...

Until next time-
Take Care,

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