Thursday, February 21, 2008

I Want To Go On Bunny Town...

The boys finally gave up on the computer chair and have since put our glider in front of the desk. I must admit, it is very comfy, but that's not such a good thing, I have been spending more time at the computer. I was starting to spend hours on the computer, checking other blogs and websites. I was getting nothing done, when I would usually make the beds, I was on the computer. While doing laundry I would have three baskets waiting to be folded, it got very backed up! That's when I decided I needed to stop spending so much time surfing the net! I have since made time limits for myself, and have stuck to them. I am back into the groove of housework and have actually gotten ahead of myself at times. I definitely need to get a new chair, this glider seems to be calling me at times. Yesterday while I was checking mail, Grace climbed on my lap waiting to go on one of her sites. She was keeping me so warm, and I was doing so much reading that my eyes became very heavy. I dozed off for just a couple of minutes, I was awaken by, "MOMMY, I WANT TO GO ON BUNNY TOWN!!!" Grace was tired of looking at the same page, I would be too if I were 4 years old and couldn't read yet. Remember, I was checking mail!!

Helen is at the Circus today with her class, she was so excited. She went last year and really had a good time, I heard about it for weeks. She has been trying very hard to hold conversations with me. We talk about her day at school, it is sometimes hard because I don't know all the names of the students or teachers. When I dropped her off those days last week when the bus was all messed up, the kids were saying hi to her. They were older kids too, not just the ones her age! When I walked with her down the hall the adults would say, "Hi Helen", I felt like I was with a movie star! Sometimes she would say hi back, but most of the times she just kept walking, she was on a mission... getting to class. I wonder if everyone knows her because of her little escapades on the playground, maybe word got around!! After I wrote my last blog I called the bus company to find out what was going on with our bus service. The morning driver was on vacation and would be back on Monday(2/18). Thank goodness she wasn't the one who broke her ankle! When I saw her Monday morning I told her she couldn't go on vacation again and explained our terrible week. She said she would be around for the rest of the school year! Helen's gloves went missing last week, I think on one of the substitute buses. I looked around the house and called her teacher at school to check the lost and found, no luck. Her teacher really likes the gloves because Helen is able to put them on by herself, I like them because they match her hat! I asked the bus drivers if they have seen them, they haven't. I went to the bus company yesterday to check their lost and found, it was very overwhelming. They have three big gargabe cans overflowing with hats, mittens, gloves, scarves, books, backpacks, shoes... you name it, they have it. Helen's gloves were not there! I didn't dig, I figured they would probably be on top since they were just lost last week. To be honest, I was afraid to dig any deeper than I did, something could have been living in there! It was quite stinky too!!! I decided I wouldn't want her gloves if they were buried, so I left. Her teacher said they're probably buried in a snow pile somewhere on the playground, maybe they'll show up when the snow melts!

Katie has a new goal to say one word at school each day, and the teacher has to be able to hear it. We made her chart yesterday so we can put a sticker on it each time she succeeds. Once she gets five stickers she gets a happy meal, that's a treat for her. So far she hasn't said a word, I'm hopeful for it happening today. She was in such a good mood this morning, she and Grace were very loud in school, all the way until we got to the hallway where her classroom is located. She was giggling when the teacher explained to me why she was in a different seat. She and her friend Kate were doing too much monkeying around, they had to be separated. Katie is definitely ready, let's just hope it's soon.

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