Thursday, May 1, 2008


Lucky me, I caught Helen's cold! I started feeling very tired last Thursday, I thought I needed more sleep. Friday rolled around and my nose started acting up, I thought it was my allergies. Saturday I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a truck, every muscle in my body ached. It was then that I realized I was sick, and boy was I sick. I'm not able to just lay in bed and sleep, so I took as many breaks as I could. The kids were actually pretty good at doing things on their own, they only needed me for meal time. The older kids were very helpful with Noah when he needed to go potty or be changed. I didn't start feeling better until yesterday, so I tried to get caught up on things around the house, I did too much! I wasn't feeling good last night, so right after all the kids were in bed, I went to bed. I'm doing much better today, I will definitely pace myself.

Our dog Mickie isn't doing very well lately, she turned 12 years old last week. The arthritis in her hind legs is starting to bother her. Ted and Robbie helped me move her kennel from the basement into my bedroom so she wouldn't have to climb the stairs. She still has to maneuver a stair in order to go outside, but at least I can help her with that one. Yesterday when I let her out I noticed blood in her stool so I dropped off a sample at the vet's office. I am hoping to hear from them this morning, that means there is a parasite of some sort and they will give her medication. If I don't hear from them, I need to take her in so they can take a look at her. I googled, blood in the stool, it gave a few things that it could be. One of the things is cancer. She is starting to look like our other dog Reggie right before he died. He was sick at the time Peter was, we didn't think he would make it through the summer, and he didn't. He died 10 days after Peter. I took him to the vet because his breathing was so labored, I knew he wouldn't be coming back home with me. Reggie was only 4 years old, he died of cancer. Last week I noticed Mickie wasn't herself, she was always around the kids when they were eating, she was nowhere to be found. She is either behind the chair in the living room, under the living room window, or in my bedroom sleeping. The other day I had to call someone to come and look at my furnace, she never got up from her spot when he arrived. Usually when the doorbell rings she is right there at the door because she thinks everyone who comes here, is here to see her! She has been eating very little, so she has lost weight. I thought maybe she had a stroke because the change in her seemed to have happened over night. I have been talking to the kids, trying to prepare them for the day it does happen. They are taking the news well, they want another dog right away. I explained to them that my heart wouldn't be ready for another dog right away, it would need to heal first. Mickie was Peter's dog, we picked her up on a trip we took to Colorado one year. I had my dog Murphy at the time, the best dog ever! Peter wanted to get Murphy a playmate, plus he wanted a dog for himself (we weren't married yet). We were just hanging out one day in Denver when he picked up a paper and went to the want ads. That same day we were going to head home, so he said, "Let's just check it out, we don't have to buy." We arrived and there were only two puppies left, a male and a female. The female was a dickens and took to Peter right away, she wanted nothing to do with me. The male and I got along very well, but they say not to get another male if you already have one, it's a dominance issue with Rotts. We were already leaning towards a female, and the way she won over Peter's heart within seconds, I knew we would be leaving with a new puppy. They had a good relationship, Mickie adored Peter, and she and Murphy got along nicely. It was always a love/hate relationship between Mickie and I, we both loved Peter. I remember waking up one night, she was sitting on the bed between Peter and I. Her head was at an angle, it reminded me of the way vultures hang their heads. She was staring at me, as if she were thinking to herself, "How the @!## can I get rid of her so I can have Peter all to myself!!?!" I told Peter the next day what I had woken up to during the night, he just laughed and said, "That's my Doo!" (her nickname is MickieDoo) So when it's her time to go, I know she will be running into the arms of the person who loved her with all of his heart, and that helps.

Until next time-
Take Care,

We just came back from the vet's office, Mickie is gone, but will live forever in our hearts...

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