Thursday, September 11, 2008

Buy Your Raffle Tickets

Helen's ButterflyGrace's Butterfly
Evan's day and night
Robbie and Evan in jail

I thought having all the kids in school at some point would give me the opportunity to "catch up" on cleaning the house, it hasn't. I can't believe how full the calendar has become since school started. Maybe it's just this week because Ted had an adjustment appointment at the orthodontist, and Helen had a check up with the pediatrician. I'm trying to get ready for Ted's birthday party on Sunday and since it's already Thursday, I'm starting to feel the pressure! This house is just so...not my kind of clean, does that make sense? My mom used to call it surface cleaning, when you clean so that the house looks presentable, but it's not truly clean, clean. I'll start by doing my "surface cleaning", and maybe next week I'll get to the real nitty gritty of things.
Our church festival went well, I enjoyed myself. I helped with the meat raffle, a local meat store sells us meat in bulk, and we raffle it off. I bet your thinking I walked around selling raffle tickets, I surely could do that job. When I arrived they needed someone to do the announcing, guess who got the job, me! Most of you don't know me, so let me give you an idea of my personality...shy, shy, shy, shy, shy, and even more shy!!! I bit the bullet, I channeled Peter,(he would have been in his element) and I got the job done. Most of the parents couldn't believe it was me behind that microphone announcing what we were raffling off, and talking them into buying the tickets. To be honest, I surprised myself, I felt somewhat comfortable behind that microphone. By the end of the night I was announcing the fact that we had parents sitting in the dunk tank waiting to take a dip, and all the food going for a dollar because we had so much and it was getting late. Peter was definitely with me that night!!! We went to the festival the next day to have fun, and the kids did. Grace, Helen, and Evan had their faces painted by the local clown, Cuddles. She does the most amazing work, as you can see. She has a partner clown called Billy Boy and he does balloons, he is also very good at what he does. The kids love it when they see the two of them at parties. Robbie's friend Adam put him jail for eating too much and having too much fun. Evan put himself in jail for not having enough fun! I agree, there wasn't too much for the older kids to do, Ted was even bored.
Helen's check up went well, she didn't have any blood work done, Yeah!! She is such a hard stick, I cringe every time I hear the word Lab. She is in the 75th-90th percentile for her height, and 75th-95th% for her weight, that's on the Down Syndrome for girls scale. She is growing at a nice even pace. When looking at her growth chart, you can see the point where she was diagnosed with Celiac's Disease. Her growth had come to a halt, I was amazed. Helen received two shots yesterday, chicken pox(because her white blood count had been low for awhile they wanted to monitor it) and the flu shot. Grace and Noah were lucky to have been there because they too received a flu shot! It made my day because now I don't have to make an appointment for the three of them for that shot. I was even happier when I realized Katie has an appointment on Saturday, so now she, Ted, and Robbie can get theirs. They aren't too happy about it, but at least they'll have it over with, and I won't have to deal with another appointment! I swear by those flu shots, before they got them, our winters were filled with somebody being sick with something and passing it on to the next person. We can now go a whole winter with hardly any sickness, yeah!!!
We have our first Cub Scout pack meeting tonight, the boy's in Robbie's den are going to tell knock-knock jokes. Here is Robbie's-
Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Beet's who?
Beet's me!!
Until next time-
Take Care,
Foot note: I wrote the blog with paragraphs, when I added the pictures it put all of the text together. I have tried to fix the problem with no luck, I apologize if it's hard to read. I knew you would appreciate the pictures so I wanted to leave them up. Again, Sorry.
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