Friday, September 19, 2008

Now It's The Alternator

I apologize for getting this blog up so late, it was a very busy week for us. Sunday was Ted's birthday party, it was a very nice get together. Monday was Ted's first den meeting, he was so excited to go. On Tuesday I had a mandatory Home and School Board meeting at the kid's school. Wednesday was the first day of Greek School, you should have heard all the moaning coming from this house! Last night we had our support group, the kids enjoyed themselves. I don't feel like I fit in, the other women are having a very tough time. I did realize one thing last night, my faith has really carried me through, more than I thought. I can't really explain how I came to that conclusion without breaching the agreement of privacy for the others. I'm sure you have had moments when you were angry with the world because of something terrible happening in your life, that's pretty much the gist of it. Today I spent the day cleaning the house, Ted's having a sleep over tonight with a couple of his friends for his birthday.

On top of all of this, I have been dealing with car problems. I know I mentioned my fuel pump going out, did I mention my alternator? Just a few short weeks after the fuel pump needed replacing, the car decides it wants a new alternator too! Jerry, the friend who fixed the fuel pump, replaced the alternator, checked all the gages, and everything was fine...not!! The next day my battery light went on once again. I took the car back to Jerry, he checked everything over, it all looked fine. I called the garage I usually take it to and explained what was going on. I was told to bring it in when the battery light was on, otherwise everything would register fine. Every morning when I would take the kids to school, the light would be on, but when I would go to leave, the light would turn off, it was a crap shoot! Finally one day I was able to get it to the garage. While they were looking at it, the alternator kicked in, so they didn't get a chance to get a really good look. They suggested I have the alternator replaced to see if it was a bad one. If that wasn't the problem, it could be the wires leading from the alternator to somewhere in my dashboard. I told Jerry all of this and he agreed, the only problem was getting the alternator when the battery light was on. I have been driving around for at least three weeks, waiting for the perfect time. That time came yesterday, the light was on almost all day. I noticed it on the way to the grocery store, which is 30 minutes from my house. The mechanic told me, once the light comes on and stays on, I have about an hour to get home before the car dies out. I thought for sure we wouldn't make it back home. While we were driving towards home, the light clicked off and stayed off for a good 20 minutes, I knew we would be fine. I only drove the car to our support group and back. The needle on the battery gage kept getting closer and closer to the orange. I took the kids to school this morning, picked up the cupcakes for the sleep over and came home, I barely made it. Jerry came by and replaced the alternator, everything looks good so far. I have had the battery charging all afternoon, hopefully it's fixed. My heart will definitely sink if I see that battery light go on! We will then have to explore the possibility of the wiring...CHA-CHING!!!!!

Until next time-
Take Care,

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