Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rumbly Tummies

This week started off with a phone call from the nurse at Helen's school, "Helen is crying, she wet her pants, she just isn't herself, can you come and pick her up?" I received this message as soon as I came home from dropping off the others at school. She was fine when she was getting ready for school, there were no signs of her not feeling well. I went and picked her up, she didn't look sick to me. When we got home I fixed her a spot on the couch, turned on Dora, per her request, and took her temperature, it was low grade. I'd say after about 15 minutes she became quite irritable, I took her temperature again, this time it was high enough for medicine. Once the medicine kicked in, about 1o minutes, she was fine again. We went and picked up the preschoolers and came back home. The day was moving along when the phone rang again, it was about 1:30pm. "Ted's not feeling well, he's been laying down in the office, why don't you talk to him." Ted got on the phone, I asked him how he felt, he said not so good. He sounded okay, I asked him if he could finish out the day seeing how he only had a little over an hour left. I didn't want to take Helen out more than I had to. He told me he could, so off he went to join his class in music, they're practicing for the Christmas concert on Friday. About 50 minutes later I received another phone call, "Ted just threw up, can you come and get him?" I arranged to have all the kids ready to go when I picked him up so I didn't have to make another trip. Once we came home it was one right after the other. It started with complaints of a stomachache, and they didn't need to go potty. They either fell asleep, threw up, or fell asleep and then threw up. During all of the kids getting sick, I myself had a rumbly tummy. We all went to bed a little early that night. I was planning on sending Robbie and Katie to school the next day, they weren't as sick as the rest of them. When I woke up on Tuesday morning I knew there was no way I was getting dressed to take them to school, my stomach was worse. I woke them up and asked how they felt, Katie told me, "Not so good", and from my experience with Ted the day before, I knew she was sick. I tried to wake Robbie, no luck. I called everyone in sick and went back to bed with Helen joining me. Thank goodness there was no throwing up, just a bunch of tummy aches. Everyone went back to school today and I received no phone calls telling me to pick someone up. There was a lot of homework for them to do so I called them in to Greek school and Religion class so they could get it done. Helen is still not feeling up to par, she fell asleep on the couch when we came home, I woke her up and put her to bed. She always gets it worse than the rest of them. Tomorrow's another day, hopefully another good night sleep will do the trick for her.

I hope all of you are able to get out and do your shopping, I haven't! I'm going out Friday morning, hopefully I will get lucky and get most of it done. I know what I'm getting, it's just getting the opportunity to get out and get it. Tomorrow Grace, Noah, and I are hitting the grocery store for ingredients to make Christmas cookies. I'm giving their teachers a plate of them as their gift. I just can't afford to buy gifts for all of them, I would have nine teachers to buy for! I have already gone the inexpensive route in the past, since most of them are repeat teachers, they have already received those gifts.

I'm off to bed, I still have that rumbly in tummy!
Until next time-
Take Care,

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