Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bitter Cold

The kids are home from school today because of the temperature. It is -9 outside today, with a wind chill factor of -29. We are on a wind chill advisory until Friday at noon, which makes me think they may not have school tomorrow either. It is my turn on the computer, Helen is by my side insisting on playing Dora. They are looking for things to do since going outside to play in the snow is out of the question. I am still playing catch up with housework, as soon as I get one room clean and move onto the next, the room I had just cleaned is messy again. I'm sure you all can relate to that, I know it's not just my house that happens in!

I received a letter from Helen's bus driver the other day reminding the parents of the rules of pick up. They are to stop, apply the parking brake, and open the doors. If your child is not outside the doors when they are open, the bus driver has the right to close the doors and drive off. There is no way Helen would be outside those doors when they are opened, she won't leave the house until she sees the bus outside. I keep an eye out for the bus, as soon as I see it, I open the door and tell Helen the bus is here. She is usually out the door in less than a minute after the bus pulls up, unless it's an episode of Sponge Bob she really likes, then we have to turn off the TV and help her along to the door. I called her driver to discuss this with her and to remind her of how stubborn Helen can be. She reassured me that Helen is not the problem, she needed to hand those out to all the parents so as not to single any one out. She told me she had received many calls, and some were not very pleasant. I told her not to let them get her down that I thought she was an awesome bus driver. I think she is the best driver we have ever had, this is our second year with her. She is always on time, even when dropping her off. Last year there was one week where the service was awful. The bus never showed up, or it was very late, I had to take Helen to school myself, which made her late. The bus dropping her off was late which made us late picking up the other kids from school. When I called the bus company about it, I was told that one of their most dependable people had fallen and broken her leg, my heart sank. That would just be my luck to have it be ours. During that week Helen lost a good pair of gloves, she left them on one of the buses, and since it wasn't her regular bus, they disappeared. It was a nightmarish week!! When Monday rolled around I was very happy to see our driver back, I went and told her of our terrible week. She had taken vacation time, she wasn't the one who had fallen, thank goodness. I told her she couldn't take vacation time anymore, the next time they may loose Helen! She just laughed, but I think it made her feel good. So when I told her the other night how awesome she was, I really did mean it.

jmckayc- I have been in touch with my friend, Helen's old therapist, she remembers who had given me the information and is going to email her for it. I will pass along the information as soon as I hear anything.

I should get back to chaos, and also let Helen have her turn at playing Dora.
Until next time-
Take Care,

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