Thursday, February 26, 2009

Helen...Drums and Basketball

Helen is at the circus today, it's all she has been talking about for the past two days. She has really started to share her day with me, I may hear about it constantly, but at least she is trying to have a conversation. She shared with me yesterday that she had music and played the drums, she loved it. On Tuesday she had gym and played basketball with her friends, and she named all of them. I can see that she is starting to take an interest in sharing with us the day she had. Helen has always showed progress here at home before showing it at school, I hope she starts sharing soon, it would make her teachers so happy. In the evening I lay out the kid's clothes for school the next day, last night, Helen didn't like what I had chosen. It was a blue light weight sweater, I thought it would be perfect for the circus, not too heavy, yet warm enough. She came in my room holding a shirt and pointing at it, "Mommy, this one, look, basketball!" She had picked a long sleeve shirt with a basketball pictured on it, I guess she's liking basketball these days! I wish I had a good spot to put a basketball hoop, not only for her but Robbie as well.

Ted and Robbie have been working on their Pinewood Derby cars for Cub Scouts. Ted made a silver pick up truck, like the one his dad used to have. Robbie made a pencil. I haven't seen Robbie's yet, it's still at his friend's house where he made it. I was told by the dad that Robbie originally wanted to make a monster truck, his new obsession since going to a monster jam program with a friend. There is a website they went to that has patterns for these cars. As soon as Robbie saw the pattern for the pencil, he had to do it. He told the dad, "This is going to be awesome, everyone is going to laugh, this is great!" I can't wait to see the finished product, the race is in a few weeks.

We are starting to get ready for Robbie to make his first communion, we have meetings to attend. It's always an exciting time for the kids, they finally get to participate by taking the bread and wine. I think Helen will be another year or so, she is just now starting to pray at bedtime. Her religion class teacher has taught her how to sign two prayers. I love watching her sign the Hail Mary, and that's the one she prefers. At the beginning of the week, the kids were talking about what they were going to give up for lent. As of yesterday, no one had given anything up, they didn't like my suggestions! Video games, computer time, candy, ice cream, chocolate, TV shows...

I hope everyone that celebrates, has a nice Lenten season.

Until next time-
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