Thursday, February 19, 2009

Shoes and Pancakes

Today would have been my mom's 75th birthday...Happy Birthday Mom. I know she is on the mind's of many people today, especially my siblings. It will be two years in June that she passed away. I still have her birthday written on my calendar, and when I got a new cell phone last year, I listed her in my contact list. Isn't it funny that those two little things make it seem as though she is not completely gone to me. It is hard to let go 100%. I'm sure she will be with each of us today, her perfect four.

This morning I received a call from Helen's teacher, she had forgotten her tennis shoes and needed them for gym. It was that phone call that reinforced what I was already feeling...Helen needs to be at a school close to home. If she goes to a school far from home, it won't be as easy to swing by and drop things off for her. It will happen, I would be stupid to think it wouldn't. I handed her the shoes and told her to put them in her backpack this morning. She told me she wanted to wear them instead of her boots. We had rain, then a rain/snow mix, and then snow last night, it was very slippery outside, she needed to wear her boots. She gave me her angry grunt while putting them on. I was distracted by Katie coughing and needing medicine. While I was at it, I gave Ted his medicine for strep throat. I forgot all about Helen's shoes, otherwise I would have checked her backpack to make sure she packed them. So, it happens, we forget stuff, the schools call me, and I drop it off. I wouldn't be as able if Helen were farther away. While the teacher had me on the phone she told me, "Great job with the pancakes!" I thought she was talking to someone else, I said, "What pancakes?" "The ones you made this morning for breakfast," she said. "Helen told me all about how you made pancakes and they were very good." "HA," I said "I didn't make pancakes this morning." She turned to Helen and said, "Your mom didn't make pancakes this morning!" I could hear Helen in the background laugh. When I dropped off her shoes, the assistant came to the office to get them. I explained how I had handed them to her to put in her backpack. When I went to get them from the closet, you could tell that she had thrown them in there, she was probably frustrated with me! Then I told her, "Pancakes in the morning, I barely have enough time to get them all ready and out the door!" We had a good chuckle.

Helen was named after my mom, how appropriate I started this day with a good laugh because of her!

Until next time-
Take Care,

PS-jmckayc, I haven't heard from my friend about those bike shorts. I searched all over the web for them, and googled every name I could think of for them. My next step is to look in Helen's keepsake box for the information I had on them, I may have saved it, I don't remember. I'm sorry it has taken so long, I will let you know if I'm successful.

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