Thursday, January 28, 2010


A 41 year old man went to bed last Tuesday night, never thinking he would never wake up again. During the night he suffered a massive heart attack due to hardening of the heart from smoking. His kids are in Ted's Greek school class, they cancelled class last week because of this. I am very surprised at how much this has effected me. I keep thinking back to when Peter passed away, and all that goes with it. That woman right now is living in hell, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. It will take time before she feels again, before she can think clearly, before she feels like a part of the world. My heart aches for her and her kids. I passed along the information for the support group we used to go to, hopefully that will help a little bit. We stopped going because they could not accommodate Helen, they lost her one night. She had gone into the playroom with Noah, and when I went to pick her up at the end of the night, she was gone. My kids found her wandering around the church...we never went back. Grief is a wicked thing to deal with, it can pop up it's evil head at anytime, no matter how long it's been. This has triggered my sadness about Peter. It didn't help matters that Katie had her First Reconciliation (confession) the other day. Any big accomplishment we have in this family, I feel Peter's absence even more. I am doing my best to ride the wave, but sometimes, it's very hard.

Next week is Catholic schools week, there are a lot of events scheduled. On Monday they have the annual carnival, I'm helping with Katie's class by running their game. It's usually the room mom, but I don't think she is much help, because the teacher asked me a couple weeks ago. On Tuesday the whole school, well, except the Kindergarten class, is going roller skating. There will also be the annual student/faculty volleyball and basketball games. Thursday is the trivia game where the kids break into groups by color. Ted's team is called, "The Red Riding Hoods" and Katie and Robbie's team is called, "The Brown Barbie Dolls"...kind of funny! Grace will be having a pajama party on the day the rest of the kids go to the roller rink. They will get in their Jammie's, have popcorn and juice, and settle down to watch DVDs. The kids really enjoy the week, especially since they don't wear uniforms all week! I have to go out and find brown shirts, I don't think either one of them has one!

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