Thursday, January 7, 2010


Can you have a little bit of insomnia? I don't know, but I do know I am having problems falling asleep. Is that even considered insomnia? Ever since Peter died, I have had times where I can't sleep. I think I always had the issue, but when Peter was here he would talk to me and rub my neck, which relaxed me. One more reason to miss that man! Now that it's the end of the week, I am running on empty. I am hoping tonight I fall asleep a lot easier because of that.

We have had a lot of snow today, we really haven't had that much so far, unlike everyone else around us. The lake has been the reason for that, and also the reason for the all the snow today. We are now getting lake effect snow, which will be blowing and drifting during the night. I think the kids will have school tomorrow, no, I'm hoping they have school. I need to run a few errands and it's much easier doing them on my own.
Nothing much to report on the kids. Robbie's team lost all their games during the basketball tournament, they were a little bummed, but learned from it. Katie starts selling Girl Scout cookies tomorrow, YUM! Grace is scheduled to speak with a speech therapist, just to see if she will outgrow the issues, or needs help with the pronunciation of the "R". Ted is doing awesome in school, and Noah is starting to become more independent every day. Helen had her thyroid medicine adjusted and is doing much better with her appetite. I need to make a mental note about that, so that the next time it happens I know to get her to the doctor.

Hopefully it won't be long until I'm asleep!
Until next time-
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