Friday, March 19, 2010

Variety Show

This has been one crazy week, but it's been a good one. Robbie and Katie are ready for their performances tonight in the school variety show. Robbie is performing with the girls in his class along with some of the fourth grade girls...yes, older women!! They are singing and dancing to Taylor Swift's song "You Belong With Me". If you have seen the video, Robbie is the boy next door. If you haven't, Taylor Swift is in love with her next door neighbor and is trying to tell him that his girlfriend is no good for him, but she is. In the end, the girlfriend dumps the boy for someone else, and Taylor Swift gets him. During the video, they hold up signs in order to communicate across the way. Robbie and the girls are holding up similar signs, it starts with the girls holding up, "Are you okay?" Robbie answers with, "Too much drama", and the girls answer with, "Sorry". Then they do their singing and dancing and end the show with a sign that reads, "I love you". Robbie then holds up a sign that reads, "I love my mom"! It is too cute! Katie is performing with the girls in her class, they are singing and dancing to the Brady Bunch's "Keep On, Keep On" song. They are wearing white shirts and blue pants that we have put white and blue tape on in order to resemble the costumes the Brady's wore. I think it's going to turn out cute also, I saw some of it yesterday when I went to pick her up from practice. I'm going to try and take pictures, I know for sure I'm going to record it. I will try and post something on here so you can see, but I'm not to computer smart, so I'm not promising.

St. Patrick's Day landed on our busiest day of the week, so I put the food in the crock pot to cook. It turned out okay, but prefer the way my mom cooked it. I hope everyone enjoyed their day of being Irish!! The kids have been busy learning their Greek poems, the girls know theirs by heart, thanks to Papou. Now they sound Greek, when I read them the way the teacher's wrote them...not so much! They have practice tomorrow morning while the parents decorate. I'm hoping to escape for just a bit to run to the store to buy Robbie pants for the occasion. The girls are dressing in costume that we borrowed when they were dancing. The boys don't have a costume so they have to wear white dress shirts with navy blue pants. They wear navy blue pants for their school uniform, so I knew they had some. What I didn't know was that Robbie has holes in almost every single pair of pants, and the ones that don't have them, are too big. When we are done at the Greek church we have to run home and eat lunch real quick because then family is coming over to celebrate Robbie's birthday. His actual birthday isn't until Wednesday. I usually celebrate birthdays after their actual birthday, but the following week-end I'm going to see REO in concert, and then it's the spaghetti dinner at the kid's school. So it was either tomorrow, or not one at all. I need to run to the store and get party supplies, and I need to do that before it's time to pick Noah up from I better go!!

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