Friday, May 7, 2010

First Communion

Katie on her First Communion day

Katie made her First Communion last Sunday, it turned out to be a beautiful day. All the kids looked so nice, and none of the girls had the same dress. My friend made her veil, it matched her dress perfectly. Three kids down, three to go!! I'm hoping Helen will be ready next year, this way each child will have their own day, and won't have to share it with anyone else. She knows her prayers, it's getting her to sit still during Mass, that's the issue. On Sunday, Katie will get dressed in this beautiful dress again in order to participate in the crowning of Mary. Each year the First Communicants are the ones who get to do the honors. They march around church in a single file line, present Mary with roses, and then one lucky kid gets to place the crown on her head. It is a very special morning!

I made an appointment for Monday to look at Helen's new school for next year. I have been waiting for her teachers to let me know when we were going. The original plan was for all of us to go together and check it out, but that never happened. With only a month left of school, I thought I better get over there and get to know the teacher and school. She sounds very nice, and is looking forward to meeting me. Hopefully all will go well, and it will be a perfect fit for Helen. I have her IEP meeting coming up in a week, I hate going to those meetings. I go in thinking she's doing awesome, and then BAM...I hear the stories of how she has been misbehaving, I hate that! I know she has been acting up lately, she always does at this time of year. I think she is done with school and needs a few weeks off. She will definitely look forward to summer school, she always does. She's just had enough of the regular school year. Not much longer I tell her, I'm hoping she hangs in there.

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