Friday, May 28, 2010

Catching Up

Everyone was sick last week, it started with Helen and ended with me. It didn't last long, about 12 hours of upset tummies. Mine lasted longer, about two days! I was exhausted and think I still haven't completely recovered. Helen's IEP went well, it was sad since it was the last meeting with those teachers. We all agree that this new program will benefit Helen, and we think she will do very well. They told me they will miss Helen, in fact, all the teachers and office staff will. I told them I would keep in touch via email and let them know how she is doing.

Noah turned 5 yesterday, I can't believe how big he has gotten. We had a party for him last week-end, he thought once you have a party then you turn a year older. I told him his actual birthday was on Thursday, he told me, "Then I'll be 6!" I took him to the toy store and then out for lunch after. I think lunch was more for me than him! I won't have many opportunities to have him alone once school is out. Next year he will be in Kindergarten all day, along with the other kids. I think I'm going to go through an adjustment period, but when that's over, I know I will enjoy having them all in school!! He had preschool graduation today, he told me, "Mom, you know I'm big now, I'm in bigger preschool now!" I said, "You mean Kindergarten?" He said, "Yeah, big kid school." How cute is that!?!!

This holiday week-end we are cleaning up the backyard and getting everything ready for planting. The kids keep asking me to put the pool up, so that's definitely on the to do list. I usually have my flowers planted by now, but the weather has been so crazy in the past that I thought I'd wait a few extra weeks before planting this year. In the past I really thought I would loose the flowers because it got so cold. We have had beautiful weather this week I'm starting to doubt my decision...oh well, they'll get planted soon enough. I hope all of you have a happy and safe Memorial Day week-end.

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