Saturday, July 24, 2010


Back from Orlando and still trying to catch up! It was a great experience being at the NDSC convention, I hope to go again. Even though Helen is ten, I had never gone to a convention before, even when it was in my backyard (Chicago). What a wonderful feeling of community, every child was beautiful. We all understood the grunts, the sitting on the floor and not moving, the not wanting to co-operate, the running away...we've all been there, done that! For once I didn't have to worry about Helen, it was a great feeling. She did a great job helping us at the table. It was nice meeting everyone, the input we received was a huge help. I loved seeing our special kids and the talents they hold within themselves. I hope one day Helen will be able to share her She still needs practice, but not much! She is very good at centering her subject, and loves to give orders. She took a picture of me when I wasn't smiling, she put the camera down and told me, "Mom, smile, like this" she took her hands and pushed her lips up into a smile, "Like that" she said. One of these days.

Please keep your input coming, any ideas you may have will also be a help.
Until next time-
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My name is Sarah said...

Are we going to see pictures of the clothes?

Sue said...

Absolutely should be up and running the first week in August. Thanks for your patience!!

The Next Page said...

Can't wait to try your pants! Becky's will not stay up! We all keep saying - Cant Wait!

The Next Page said...

Becky's pants will not stay up!! We keep saying - Can't wait until we can buy those pants from the conference!!

Sue said...

We met with the pattern maker and are moving along with some changes to the design...we will let you know when they are ready. Thanks for checking with us.