Friday, July 16, 2010

Orlando 2010

Guess what...I have exciting news...WE HAVE LAUNCHED THE CLOTHING LINE!!! We are at the National Down Syndrome Conference in Florida and we are selling clothes. It was a long time coming, thanks for being so patient with us. We have made it through very difficult personal struggles and we're ready to sell, sell, sell!! We have started the clothing line with jeans, pink chinos, khaki chinos, and t-shirts in pink, yellow, mocha, and blue. We also have bodysuits, and a prototype for a back zipped Jammie. Our website was also supposed launch today, but due to some "glitches", we were unable to do so. We are hoping to be up and running within the next ten please keep checking!! If you are in Orlando, stop by, say hi, and check out the merchandise...we'd love to meet you!!!

Until next time-
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