Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Growing up my mom used to plant flowers every summer, she loved the way the dirt felt in her hands, she didn't wear gloves. I couldn't understand how she could have all that dirt under her fingernails, it drove me nuts. She absolutely loved flowers, any kind, it didn't matter. Later in life she planted mostly impatiens. I did love the way the yard looked with the addition of those beautiful flowers, so much so that I started doing the same thing when we moved into this house. The first spring we were here, she was staying with us. I asked her to coach me on how to plant, she was more than willing. We went to the nursery where she helped me pick out the flowers, she also "schooled" me on what to look for. I went with pink (light and dark) and white impatiens, she told me the white was to help break up the pink color. I thought having the light and dark was contrast enough, but she knew what she was doing so I listened to her. We bought a bunch of them, not knowing how many to buy since it was the first time planting. I brought one of my patio chairs to the front yard so she could sit down and "coach" away. She explained how deep to dig and how to place the plants so they would look nice. She even quizzed me a few times asking which color I was going to plant next! She even schooled me on how to plant bulbs and when the best time to do that was. I am so glad I listened that day, because when the time came to plant those bulbs...she was gone. I have only planted two more times since that first year. Last year I went with purple, light and dark, and of course white. This year I planted red and white. They never look as nice as they did that first year, they grew so big and tall. I think it was my mom's touch from heaven. She told me impatiens have to be planted every year, they do not come back like some other plants. Kind of funny she said that, because every year under my pine tree grows a small amount of pink impatiens. Each year they are in different locations under that tree, but they are there...a gift from my mom, maybe? I'd like to think so!

In case you are wondering why the website hasn't launched...we no longer have pants available to purchase. Sherry and I didn't want to start out with only half of the product line. We will launch as soon as we have another batch of pants. Thanks for your patience!!:o)

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