Thursday, May 12, 2011

Field Trips

The school year is almost over and the kids have field trips scheduled left and right. Ted and his class took an overnight field trip to a Bible camp here in Wisconsin. I was able to go during the day and help out. They had a lot of activities to keep them busy. They did horseback riding, fishing, canoeing, archery, poetry, animal tracking, fire building, orienteering, nature hike, paper making, and owl pellets. I have never seen owl pellets before, I didn't even know what they were. Do you? It's what an owl regurgitates...I know, YUCK! They are like big hair balls. The kids pull them apart and inside are the skeletal remains of the prey they have eaten. The kids are supposed to try and identify what's in there. The only way you can figure that out is if there is a skull in the pellet. Ted had three skulls in his! At night they made a big fire and roasted marshmallows and made smores. They told a few ghost stories and played elbow tag with their teacher, he stayed the entire time with them. All the time I spent this past year helping raise money for this trip was worth it, Ted had a blast.

While I was helping out at Ted's trip, I missed a field trip of Robbie and Noah's. I wish I could have gone, but there weren't very many parents that offered to help, so they needed me to be there. Robbie has another one coming up next week, but they leave as soon as they get to school. Helen's bus comes after I drop the other kids off, so I won't be able to go to that one either. I will be able to go with Grace on her final field trip, I'm looking forward to that one. Ted, Robbie, and Katie have done this field trip, but I have never been able to go. In fact, when Ted went, Peter and I were at the Mayo clinic getting his initial testing done. This is the time of year when the battle began for Peter. This is a difficult time of year for me, I'm glad to be so busy!

Last Saturday we had a fitting with the new pattern for the jeans. It went very well, the jeans fit Helen so much nicer than the previous pattern. We are going to have a pair made in every size and then send them out to have other kids try them on. We want to be absolutely sure these pants are going to fit nicely on everyone before we manufacture them. I'm so excited about the next step!! Keep checking with us so you can get the latest news!!

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Livv Wells said...

Hello Miss Roberson, i was possibly wondering if you had a email or contact telephone as i have various questions to ask you?

Sue said...

Hi Livv,

Miss Roberson is my sister Sherry, her email is; You can also email me if you'd like. I can be reached at We look forward to hearing from you.