Thursday, May 5, 2011

Still Sick

We missed marching in the Greek Independence parade on Sunday, the kids were sick. Ted had a fever, Katie was coughing, and Grace was still blowing her nose. I wasn't feeling that great myself, so we stayed home. On Monday, Ted stayed home from school recovering from the fever. I received a phone call from the kid's school, Noah went to the office first thing in the morning and had been laying on their couch. They called to see if I wanted to pick him up or send him back to class. After talking with him, I decided to go and pick him up. Once he got home, he was fine, he played on the computer. He could have stayed at school! About a few hours later, another phone call from the school, Katie wasn't feeling well. After talking to her, I decided to bring her home. I worked on getting the laundry done during the day, about an hour before school was over I received another call from the school, Robbie wasn't feeling well. I talked to him and we agreed he could lay on the couch until school was over. Once everyone was home, I had two with sore throats, one with a headache and stomachache, and one still blowing her nose. Ted and Helen were the only ones feeling fine.

On Tuesday, Katie was feeling better so she went to school along with Ted, Helen, and Grace. Robbie and Noah stayed home with sore throats and no fever. Because Robbie had strep a few weeks ago, I called the doctor and they ordered a strep test through the lab. They told me if Robbie was positive for strep, they would prescribe medication for any other child in the household with the same symptoms. I didn't have Noah tested because of that. The rapid test came back negative. I sent Robbie and Noah to school on Wednesday because they were bouncing off the walls. The only symptom was the sore throat, other than that, they felt fine. The twenty-four test came back inconclusive, meaning, something was happening with the sample and they wanted to wait another twenty-four hours.

Now it's Thursday and I just heard from the doctor's office. Robbie has strep, but it's a different strain, so the other kids have to get tested, they will not call in prescriptions for them. So now I have to take Noah, and also Katie, who has since come down with a sore throat, to the lab. Katie is the only one who stayed home from school today. She is complaining of a sore throat, headache and stomachache. I will run them over to the lab after school to get tested. I'm hoping the rapid test, about ten minutes, will come back positive. Otherwise, they have to wait a couple of days to start medicine. I wish now that I would have had Noah tested the other day. Nothing is ever easy!!

On Saturday we have a fitting for the jeans. If they fit Helen and look good, we will have a pair made from the jean material in every size. We will then take those jeans and go around to different groups and have fittings. We want to see if the jeans fit all different body types, not just Helen's. Keep checking back, I will keep you posted on how things are moving along.

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