Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Our Mom

It has been very hectic with Sherry and I lately, we are both exhausted. She is very eager to write another message to everyone and will do so in the next couple of days. She is staying with our mom in the hospital, she has been in since yesterday. We noticed she wasn't sounding good over the phone, she was very short of breath. Our mom is very stubborn and refused to go to the ER over the week-end, she insisted on waiting for her doctor's appointment on Tuesday. On Tuesday she was very confused and weak from not eating in days, she scared us all. The doctor admitted her into the hospital to run tests and get her healthy again. There are a few things going on with her, she has pneumonia in one lung. Her oxygen level is very low so they have her hooked up to oxygen. She is in the ICU right now but Sherry seems to think she will be out of there within the next couple of days, she is doing much better than yesterday. I would love to help my sister out and stay with my mom in shifts, but unfortunately I am not in the position to do so. I don't have anyone that can stay with my kids for a long period of time, let alone stay the night. My mom is an hour away from me. I am doing my best to help out in other ways and hope that is enough for now. Sherry is taking on the biggest job right now, making sure she has someone with her most of the time. I'm sure not only is this scary for us, but our mom too. The doctor expects her to be in the hospital for awhile and from there she will go into a rehab facility. I do know they have a facility right across the street from the hospital she is in, I know that because I was looking into one for Peter when they thought he would need one. I plan on going to see her this week-end, Sherry and I are trying to coordinate a time when I can drop my kids off at her house. I haven't been back to that hospital since Peter passed away, that is the same place where he was receiving treatments, and was hospitalized himself.

Wish me luck with my St. Patrick's Day dinner, I'm expecting between 25-30 people!! (my mom is the only one who said she couldn't make it) There is still time for last minute "Sorry, we can't make it." I will let you know how the party goes!

Until next time-
Take Care,

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