Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Hello everyone, hope you are ready for the holiday, happy Fourth of July to all. I am taking a little break from cleaning, my family is coming tomorrow for a cook-out and fireworks. My house and yard are the most kid friendly, so here the party will be. I can't believe how much I don't get done now that the kids are out of school, so that means I have a lot left to do.

Today was my day to myself, Catherine took the kids, and survived once again! I went to the eye doctor, remember I mentioned reading glasses? Well, I do need reading glasses but he suggested I wear them all the time to help with far away also. He said, "Welcome to the forty's!, it is very common for people "your age" to need glasses." I was okay with that, I already knew I would need them, what I wasn't expecting was that he mentioned BIFOCALS!!! Hello, isn't that for people way older than me? What the heck, now that freaked me out!! He explained to me about a lens they have where you can't see the line so no one will ever know. Phew, sigh of relief. On Thursday I will be going to pick out a pair, I'm hoping to find a very hip pair so I can be a hip chick! After I had my appointment, (my pupils are still dilated), I went to a little neighborhood store that Catherine told me had gluten free food. What was I thinking? I couldn't read the labels or the price tag!!! I thought the prices said one thing, when I got home and my eyes were back to normal, they said something completely different! I wasn't paying close attention when I was rung up because I was chit-chatting with the sales clerk about the food. Lesson for the day; don't try running errands with pupils dilated!!

We had a nice time at the Greek Fest, special thanks to my friend Irene for taking care of us. I must say though, the carnival people that ran the rides this year were not very friendly. If you are running a kiddie ride, shouldn't you be very nice so as not to scare the kids? My kids kept going through the fun house, they had the wrist bands, and the lady told them they could go through one more time. There wasn't anybody else going through so it's not like they were denying some other kid their turn. When they went up the stairs she wouldn't even look at them, so they would get right in her face to show her their band, she would point them in the other direction without saying a word to them. They didn't understand that she already knew they could go on, she was very mean, in my opinion. They are just one of those traveling carnivals that have nothing to do with the church, so enough about them. The food was scrumptious, especially the Loukamadas, I highly recommend them. They are deep fried dough balls with honey drizzled over them, YUM!
At one point Helen had to go potty, the closest ones were inside the church, of course there was a line. We were third in line so we were waiting patiently, Helen kept telling me potty, potty, potty. I explained how we had to wait our turn and please hold on we would be soon. The first lady told the next person to go ahead of her, so I'm thinking, alright, this lady will do the right thing and tell us to go, WRONG!! What's the matter with people these days? I know she could see Helen, and I know she could hear her, to top it all off, she took a long time. My father-in-law even commented on how long it was taking this woman, so maybe she had the same issue as Helen, who knows. Thank goodness the woman who let the first lady go, let us go too. Helen just made it to the bathroom, I thanked that woman quite a few times. We are in the bathroom and I notice Helen starting to get comfortable, she is sitting on the potty with her legs Indian style. I told her, "Okay, time to get off, you're done." She tells me, "NO!", and just sits there. Now I know Helen, and when she gets comfortable like that, she's done, so I literally pulled her off the potty so the woman who let two people go ahead of her could finally get into the bathroom.
Helen did have a blast on the rides, in fact, they all did. When we first got there I put everyone on but Noah because I thought he was too little. He tried everything possible to get on the ride, so I thought, why not? I put him on the inside next to Helen, frick and frack! He LOVED it, I couldn't get him off! When Irene brought the arm bands to us, she only had 5, thinking like me, Noah was too little. I then told her the story of the rides and so she went to hunt down another band. When she came back to give it to him, she said, "Noah", he looked at her and put his arm up high right away so she could put it on!! He was ready to go!!
It was hard when we first got there, the Greek dancers were performing, the music was beautiful, it brought back a lot of memories of Peter, he should have been there.

Until next time-
Take Care,

PS- A shout out to my friends in Rossland!!!! I'm so glad to have met you.

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