Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Partners In Crime

Tomorrow school starts for Ted and Robbie, it is going to be so hard adjusting to the school routine. In the past years I have been able to keep on the same schedule, but not this summer. I was not able to trick my kids into going to bed before the sun, I tried!!! We didn't too badly tonight, they were all in bed by 9:15pm and are now sleeping (it's 9:50pm). WOOHOO!!! What should I do with my time? Katie cried tonight when I explained to her exactly when her school starts, like it's my fault she doesn't start with the boys! Mom's sure do get blamed for everything.

Helen has turned into a little mother hen lately, she acts like she is Noah's mom! She will get his clothes in the morning to dress him and his pj's at night. When he is wet she will TRY to change him, which isn't so bad, unless it's a DIRTY diaper! When he wants more juice she will pour him some, most of it ends up surrounding the cup. She also lays out pj's for the rest of the kids, she puts them on their beds, she has been watching me. In our backyard I have a fenced in area for our dog, Mickie, where she does her "duty". I did this so the kids don't have to worry about landmines while playing in the yard. About twice a week I go out there to clean up using a bucket with a bag and a shovel. Helen and Noah have watched me do this, and I know this because they tried to do the cleaning for me. Noah comes in the house telling me DiDie's (Mickie's) pooh-pooh! I look, his hands are covered in poop! I can't begin to describe for you the aroma that came from my youngest child, it wasn't pleasant. I got him all cleaned up and sterilized and then proceeded to see what was going on outside. Helen and Noah had somehow figured out how to undo the wire I had wrapped around and through the latch of the gate, and went into Mickie's area. Lucky for me Mickie had left a fresh pile earlier that day and they were going to clean it up. They had all the tools that were needed except the garbage bag. Noah had a tough time using that gigantic (for him) shovel so he felt he needed to use his hands!! While I was outside I noticed Noah's clothes were also covered in poop, no wonder he smelled so bad! I checked Helen's hands, yessirreebob, full of poop. We came inside for a much needed bath, I let those two soak for a very long time!!! Needless to say, when they came out they were smelling like....coconuts (their shampoo smell)!!!!!!

I spoke with Helen's teacher yesterday and she will have the assistant in the room most of the time. My advocate from the Arc told me we still need to reconvene for Helen's IEP so we can get that written in along with her diet issues. We will have to wait and see how it all plays out the first couple of weeks.

On one of the blogs I visit everyday there was a woman on there who claimed to have cancer. She has an 8 month old daughter, is married and is a stay at home mom. Over the summer she would tell us all how she was doing and how she was dealing with the treatments she was receiving at MD Andersen. The past couple of weeks things took a turn for the worse, she was told she had 6 months to live, and then we didn't hear from her. All of a sudden her husband shows up on the blog and tells us all she is in the hospital. Over the week-end she went into a coma. During all of this people are sending her their prayers, strength, and all kinds of messages. I just found out before I came here, all of it was a scam! Someone found her answering questions on Yahoo today. If she were in a coma and her liver was failing, how could she be answering questions? My heart is heavy because of this, I was thinking of where my family was a year ago and where her family is now. How can people be so cruel? She has no clue! Some of my blog buddies have said she has to be sick mentally in order to do something so hurtful to so many people. I have shared some of my story, but not all, they don't know how deep this touched me. I just can't wrap my head around it, why would someone take cancer so lightly? Well....this too shall pass.

I am in a FUNK!
Until next time-
Take Care,

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Anonymous said...

Sue/Chucklehead6 - Love your site. Your daughter is beautiful! So happy to have made a new friend. Like I said, if you would like to email me - anytime!!

I really need to go to bed now - I have about an hour drive in the morning.

Peace 2 U

Selena said...

You write very well.